Retail Resignation Letter to Prepare a Better Move

Resign is very common inside the retail business. If you are ready to leave your retail job because of some reasons or to move on to the other business, writing the retail resignation letter and send it to HR or the employer is what you could do.

The retail resignation letter can be a formal notification when you want to leave the retail job. Besides, this document also could be a matter to show your professionalism. However, you need to be careful in writing this letter because it is a formal document.


What Does the Retail Resignation Mean?

The retail resignation letter is a document that is written to notify the employer that you want to leave the current retail job. Through this letter, the departure also could be formalized. Of course, by sending this letter, your professionalism could be shown.

About this letter, the specific and detailed reason for leaving do not need to be written. Maybe, you need to show it when the employer asks directly. Besides, the retail resignation letter can be printed or sent through an email.

What is Contents Inside Retail Resignation?

As a formal letter, the retail resignation letter has some parts to be included. The parts of the letter will show your resignation statement clearly.

The common matters to be included in creating a retail resignation letter are:

  • An intent to resign
  • The last day of the working time
  • An offer to assist with the transition
  • The detailed contact information
  • Name and signature

How to Write a Good Retail Resignation?

These are some steps that you could follow when you want to make a good retail resignation letter. Some simple ways to do in creating this letter are:

  • Start by making a clear introduction and notice of resignation
  • Write a statement of gratitude for the employer
  • Complete the information, especially about the moment during the working day
  • Write a simple conclusion
  • Add the contact, name, and signature to formalize the letter

Sample of Retail Resignation

Here, there is a simple sample of the retail resignation letter that can be your consideration during making it. Please read the following sample below.

Dear Mr. James

Through this letter, I would like to inform you about my resignation from my position as a sales clerk at the XYZ Department Store, effective on June 12, 2019. I get an offer of a job that substantively becomes my dream for years.

There is nothing I could say but thank you for all opportunities provided over the years. I truly enjoyed my working time at your company and I am very grateful because you help me to improve my professionalism.

Before my leaving, I will do everything hard to complete the ongoing projects and train the members to take over the jobs. Please let me know when there is another thing that I can do during the transition period.

I hope, the XYZ Department Store could be bigger and successfulin the future. When you have another question for me, please contact me at (999) 123-8128.

Yours sincerely,


The retail resignation letter is very essential to formalize the way you are leaving the job. Please be professional and do not send it in a hurry.




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