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Sample Education Resume to land a job in education 

An education provider usually will require an education resume so that you need to arrange the proper resume to ensure the manager about your quality. Gaining this purpose, you can select the proper sample education resume. The sample will lead you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties.

The sample education resume idea will lead you to arrange the proper template. The sample also will give some detailed information that will amaze the people about the template. Because of that, you have to pay attention to this sample resume to increase your resume quality well-read.

The sample education resume template 

To inspire you to design this template, you can select the proper sample that will help you to make the proper template. Here is the sample that can be used for your template.

Jacob Thompson

Personal info

Phone: (666)-990-002

Email: jacobthompson12@gmail.com


An elementary school teacher with 5+ years of experience managing a classroom of 20 – 25 students. Adept at using positive reinforcement teaching techniques to encourage student performance and growth. A licensed teacher in the state of Los Angeles and has good creative teaching experience to engage the students.


Fourth Grade teacher

Gravity Elementary School, Los Angeles/ 2019 – present

  • Prepare and administer regular subject text to 25 students, complete with detailed quarterly progress reports for parents
  • Create and adapt lesson planning recording to students academic needs such as both individual and group work
  • Established an open-door policy

Second-grade teacher 

Love Elementary School, Los Angeles/ 2017 – 2019

  • Arrange and implement daily lesson plans for the classroom of 20 students
  • Fostered student curiosity and interest in learning through hands-on activities and field trips
  • Plan, advertise and execute a weekly after-school art class open to all grade 1 – 3 students


B.S Interdisciplinary studies/concentration in Special Education

Texas College studies 2012 – 2014


LA Teacher certification 2017

Key skills 

  • Lesson planning
  • Active listening and accuracy attention to detail
  • Classroom management
  • Differential instruction
  • Positive attitude
  • Understanding learning process


  • French
  • English

How to create a sample education resume

Creating this sample education resume document is not too difficult if you understand this template well. The resume should include detailed information about your quality very well. Here are some steps to follow in this template.

  • You need to highlight your education and credential because teaching job usually need specific degrees and certification
  • Include all of your relevant teaching experience and remember to list relevant teaching experience
  • List accomplishment, not the duties because it will make the readers understand your qualities
  • Apply the proper format for your template to make it easy to read

People also ask

How do I write my education on a resume?

When you are arranging this sample education resume idea design, you need to pay attention to details, especially on your skills and education. Moreover, you also need to follow some ideas below when you want to make this resume getting impressive.

1) Consider the format because it has a different format suitable for the position do you need

2) Keep an open mind and do not be afraid to try a more updated look for your resume

3) Use an example to get an idea of what information to include and highlight your most relevant experience

4) Proofread and edit the resume after you have finished it

What are the top 5 skills for education?

Moreover, if you want to be a teacher, you need to include some important skills for your template. The skills on your template will decide whether you are the proper candidate or not. Therefore, you need to consider the following skills on your resume.

1) Critical thinking and problem solver

2) Teamwork and collaboration

3) Professionalism and strong work ethic

4) Oral and written communication skills

5) Leadership

Kinds of a sample education resume

To select the sample education resume document template, you will find many types that will be suitable for your job position as a teacher. Therefore, you can select one of the best samples resumes below to make it properly. Here are some of the resume samples for education.

Sample Education Resume Template 

This resume is a special resume that is available in PDF format. The template also has space for the user to fill in the detail of their work experience, skills, interests, and other information. With this resume, they can introduce their capabilities and qualities to the recipient well.

Physical Education Resume Template 

If you want to be a physics teacher, this resume will be the proper resume for you. The resume will help you to get a job as a physical education teacher and it will explain the detailed information easily. Besides, this template is also available in PDF format so that you can fill in the detail of the past work experience, awards, and so forth.

Higher Education Resume Template 

This resume is available in Word and also PDF so that you can use this resume to fill in the detail of your educational qualification, skills, and other relevant information. Besides, this resume is also an idea for career counselors and college-level teachers or professors to make the recipient impressive to read.

Administration Education Resume Template 

The type of this resume will be a heavily detailed PDF file with tips that guide the users on how to draft their resumes. The template also will be useful for individuals looking to get a job as a principal of a school, assistant superintendents, and so forth without any difficulties.

Community Health Education Resume Template 

If you want to be a community health education, this resume will be useful. The resume will give you more space to include your skills and experience before so that the recipient will understand your qualities without any difficulties with the resume on your hand.

Because of that, this sample education resume will be useful for you to land a job as a teacher or other education role. Many types of examples for this resume will help you to select the proper one for your job position so that you have to pay attention to the sample before you write your resume on it.

Sample Education Resume Sample



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