Withdraw Application Letter to Get New Chances

In looking for a job, writing a withdrawal applicationletter sometimes can be a thing to be done. This document in common is writing because of some reasons, including a limited waiting time for calling. Of course, it is legal, so the candidate of an employee is allowed to make it.

We are sure that some people may say that it is rude to withdraw an application from the company. However, when the reason is rational, it will be more reasonable. Besides, the letter also will be applied when you have run the interviewed process before.


Why Does An Employee Write Withdraw Application Letter?

These are some objective and rational reasons why an employee writes a withdrawal application letter in the recruitment process. Of course, the reasons can be a supportive statement that writing this letter is common.

Some reasons why job seekers end the interview process by writing a withdrawal application letter are:

  • Accepting another job that he or she thinks the new job is better for him or her
  • The too-long hiring process, especially for the job seekers that need a job in a fast time
  • Realizing the job. It may happen when a job seeker find the different detail after the interview process
  • Relocation and family needs

What to Include in the Withdraw Application Letter?

In writing the withdrawal application letter, substantively you do not need to specify the reason for writing the letter. Besides, you just need to make the manager or human resource knows that you –as the candidate, no longer consider the position.

However, when you want to state a reason for sending the withdrawal application letter just to strengthen the argument, please keep it positive. When you find that the job is not good enough for you, of course, you could write a reason without blaming the company.

How to Format the Withdraw Application Letter?

These are some steps to be considered when you decide to make the withdrawal application letter. Of course, knowing these steps is important since this letter itself is a formal document.

Some steps to make a good withdrawal application letter that you need to follow are:

  • Use the standard format of business letter
  • Begin with the detailed contact information
  • Give a gratitude statement for the time and consideration of you for a certain position
  • End the letter with the professional closing

Sample of Withdraw Application Letter

Dear Mr. Lee Won

Through this letter, I want to say thank you very much for considering me for the position of  General Manager in your company. However, I would like to withdraw my application for the job that previously I choose.

I sincerely appreciate your time to make an interview process. Besides, there is no word but thanks for sharing the opportunity and other information on your company.

Again, thank you very much for all of your attention and time. Hopefully, there will be a better General Manager of your company in the future.

Yours sincerely,


The withdrawal applicationletter cannot be sent in a hurry. It will be better when you also give time for the manager to learn about your letter.




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