Hotel Apology Letter to Guest to Provide a Good Service

When you run a hotel as your business idea, of course, providing the best service to the guest is a must. That is why when there is a mistake that happens, making a hotel apology letter to guests is important. This document is another way to say sorry because of the bad service.

Of course, making the apology letter is not a disgrace for the hotel management. It is a kind of responsibility and the way to provide a good service for the guests. On another hand, this letter also could be evidence that the management cares about the guests.


Is Hotel Apology Letter to Guest Written Formally?

Substantively, the hotel apology letter includes in kind of business document. However, this document can be written formal and informal way depends on the condition and the object of the letter.

The formal hotel apology letter or the official letter is applied, especially when the guest of the hotel is a special person. Of course, the letter will be arranged using formal language, presentation, and arrangement. For the common guest, the casual hotel apology letter could be an option.

What are Situations to Write Hotel Apology Letter to Guest?

These are some different situations that can be the reason why writing the hotel apology letter is needed. Of course, when you face this kind of situation, you may consider making this letter.

The hotel conditions as the reason for writing the hotel apology letter are:

  • Poor customer treatments
  • Damage or deactivate service or products of hotel
  • Delayed or improper shipping inside the hotel
  • Hotel billing issues
  • Hotel product recall
  • Canceling event or services

What to Do and Don’t in Writing Hotel Apology Letter to Guest?

These are some matters that you need to do and don’t do in making the hotel apology letter.


  • Validate the feelings of customers
  • Show the steps that the management will do to handle the problem
  • Say sorry and express sincere regret
  • Give the guest contact information for further solution


  • Leave the unfinished issue
  • Make excuses
  • Shift blames

Sample of Hotel Apology Letter to Guest

Dear Mr. Hansen

Through this letter, I would like to offer my apology for the problem that you have during your stay at Jasmine Hotel last week. I do not know what happened to the booking system that deletes your reservation. I have look for other information but there is no data that I found.

I hope that you and your family could enjoy your holiday and find a better place to stay. I am very happy if we could find another agreement to use my service. The management will give you 10% off when you decide to stay at our hotel.

We always try to give the best service to our beloved guests. That is why I send this letter to you. Once again, I, as a representative of the management, apologize for the mistake.


Sebastian Gonzales

The hotel apology letter to the guest is an important document to handle the mistake. It also could be seen as how professional the management of the hotel is.


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