Thank You Resignation to Boss for Keeping a Good Relationship

To build a good impression with the boss or manager during the resignation, writing a paper of thank-you resignation to the boss is a good idea to do. As its name, this letter is used to say some gratitude for the boss after being the mentor or college in running the job.

This letter can be a personal-letter, especially when you know the boss well. However, since the structure position inside the company, the formal language option should be applied. Besides, this letter also could be shown that you are a professional worker.


Why is it Important to Send Thank You Resignation to Boss?

It is not enough to only send a resignation letter when you want to leave the company. Sending a thank-you letter to your boss during the resignation can be seen as a thoughtful gesture to express gratitude, especially for the rewarding experiences and moments.

Besides, this letter also could be a way to keep the relationship with the boss after the departure. Keeping contact with the boss is a good matter to do. You never know when maybe you will help the hand of him or her in the future.

What to Do in Making Thank You Resignation to Boss?

These are some basic steps to do when you want to make a good thank-you resignation letter to the boss. The basic steps to be known are:

  • Use the proper format and structure of the letter
  • Write the detailed date and contact information
  • Add a proper and formal salutation
  • Remind the boss about the last day of work
  • Express the gratitude in a certain way
  • Express good wishes
  • Add a simple complimentary close and complete it with name and signature

Tips to Apply in Writing Thank You Resignation to Boss

To make a good thank-you resignation letter to the boss, these are also some tips to be applied. Here, you need to express genuine gratitude. Be natural in saying gratitude with a proper word option.

Then, it will be better when you reference the specific instances. Tell them about the best moments and experiences when you are there. On another hand, do not forget to proofread the letter just to avoid some mistakes.

Sample of Thank You Resignation to Boss

Dear Mr. Michael

Tomorrow will be my last work of the day in XYZ Company that you lead. Here, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your guidance and support during my working time.

Over 5 years, I have a wonderful memory and experience working with you. Besides, I also find myself getting many personal achievements and better professionalism. I have learned many things for you, especially the best way to manage the teams without pushing them.

Before leaving, I want to say sorry when there are many mistakes that I did. I just hope that you are always healthy and get another better energy to lead the company.  

Yours sincerely,


By sending the thank you resignation to the boss, you could build a better moment in your last day. Well, find a template of this letter just to ease you in writing it.



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