Solicited Application Letter and a great example 

The solicited application letter has an important role for your company because this letter is an introduction to hiring managers in job research. When the resume impresses with your credential, this document will highlight your enthusiasm, personality, and also the ability to communicate very well.


What is a solicited application letter?

This letter has an important role in the company because it is unlike the traditional application letter. This solicited application letter document is a document that you are asked for. It means that the hiring manager has already expressed an interest in you. Therefore, you need to show them properly.

How to arrange a solicited application letter 

Since this solicited application letter template is a document which is asked by the employers, you have to arrange this letter properly. Therefore, when you need to arrange this letter, you need to know some of the steps. Here are the steps that can be followed:

  • To write this letter, you can begin by stating the specific advertised position that you are applying for
  • The body of your letter has to contain an example of how you can help the organization achieve its goals due to the experience, education, and skills
  • You end your template by saying thank you and give your contact information for the hiring manager

Tips to write a solicited application letter 

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to write this solicited application letter format. The tips will help you to make this letter better. Here are some of the tips:

  • Express the aim of you writing the letter with a good grammatical and spelling
  • Write your letter with a professional tone even if you have known the hiring manager
  • Make it simple and easy to read

The example of a solicited application letter 

To facilitate your writing this letter, you also can read the solicited application letter sample below. The example will help you to arrange the letter properly.

This is an example:

Dear Mr. Anderson, 

I write this letter to apply for the position of Marketing in your company. I learned of the way to market online and also in the real life. I found the opportunity as described very appealing. Suitable with the expertise and requirement listed in the advertisement. 

I also believe that I have the qualification needed to make a positive contribution to your ongoing success of the organization. As marketing, I will work as a part of a team to develop the site structure and authored all of the content for the company’s needs. 

I also can increase the company’s visibility with prospective customers by showing the detailed product specification. My expertise in working is developing strong interpersonal skills. I also have the ability to work and communicate productively with creative coworkers. 

I believe that I am a very good candidate for the position of marketing. You probably reach by phone at 555-999-0007. I am closing a copy of my resume for your consideration. Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to meet you soon. 

Yours sincerely, 


Thomas Becker

That is all about a solicited application letter. You have to arrange the detailed information to ensure the readers about your capability.


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