Retirement Letter to Boss and the example 

When you want to retire from your job position, you need to write a retirement letter to the boss. This letter is important and it has to be prepared well because it will help you to maintain the company connection and coworker relationship well. Therefore, the letter has to be written properly suitable with the standard business format.


 What is a retirement letter to the boss?

A retirement letter to the boss idea is like other formal notification for your employer that you plan to leave your job. This letter will give your organization time to plan for your absence and begin the process of hiring your replacement. This letter also needs to arrange with the standard notice for most resignation letters with two weeks’ notifications.

How to create a retirement letter to the boss 

As this letter is formal, you need to arrange this letter with a standard business style. This retirement letter to boss template needs to write properly with certain steps to make it easy to read. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • You need to begin with a good salutation. You can write a brief greeting that addresses the recipient
  • In the body paragraph, you can include between one and five paragraphs. The body should inform about the date of retirement, personal details, and so forth.
  • To end your letter, you can offer to assist with the transition process as well

Tips to write a retirement letter to the boss 

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to make your retirement letter format to the boss interesting to read. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You need to apply a proper tone for your letter. This letter will be great if you apply a casual or formal tone
  • The letter also needs to have a good quality where your letter should be brief, concise, and free of errors
  • Remember to have a friend or colleague reviews it and provide the feedback

The example of a retirement letter to the boss 

To facilitate you in arranging the letter, you need to read the following retirement letter to the boss example. It can be customized and can be used as your reference to write the letter. Here is an example of the letter:

Dear Mr. Walker, 

I am writing this letter to inform you that it will be retiring from Free-Tech Mobile Industry, effective August 1, 2016. This is a difficult decision to come to but I have to go out of this country to follow my husband. I greatly appreciate the time I have spent at this company. Your guidance has helped me to be a skilled good technician and more experienced. 

In my 10 years at Free-Tech Mobil Industry, I have been proud of the integrity and success of this company. My colleagues have always given the best care to our clients. I also understand that the hiring process for my position will take some time. Because of that, I want to offer my help with anything you may need. 

If there are any opportunities available to work for Free-Tech Mobile Industry as a consultant, please let me know. Again, thank you for your care and concern for 10 years, 



Elsa Kinder 

This retirement letter to the boss also can be sent via email. When you are sending it via email, you should not apply a header but you have to give a subject line to indicate the content of the message.



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