The Last Chance Agreement Letter and its example 

A last chance agreement letter is a letter drafted by an employer to an employee with a discipline issue. This letter sounds like the last chance an employee has to keep his or her job before being fired. Therefore, you have to arrange this letter properly to make the readers comfortable to read.


What should I include to write a last chance agreement letter?

When you want to write this last chance agreement letter idea, you have to pay attention to some things to include. In this letter, you have to know the purpose of the contract, the contract date, and the reason for terminating the contract. Remember you also need to write any termination obligation.

How to write a last chance agreement letter

To write this letter, you have to arrange it properly. This last chance agreement letter format has some steps that have to follow. There are some of the steps to follow when you are writing this letter:

  • You can begin your letter with a good introduction to make the readers easy understanding your aims of the letter
  • In the following paragraph, your letter has to explain what the employee can do to get back in good standing
  • You also can include any probationary terms in this letter

Tips to make a last chance agreement letter

Furthermore, to make this last chance agreement letter template easy to read, you can follow some of the tips. These tips will make your letter easy to read.

  • You have to apply good language to write this letter
  • Write the date of the letter to make the recipient know the time
  • Remember to give the reason for terminating the contract for the recipient

The example of last chance agreement letter

To facilitate you in writing this letter, you can read some last-chance agreement letter examples that will lead you to write the letter. The example also can be used as your reference when you write the letter. In this idea, you can read the following example that can be used as your reference.


Dear Ms. Imelda, 

This letter will outline the last chance agreement that will allow continued employment with Commercial Bank. To stay in our employ, you have to sign and adhere to the conditions of this agreement in every way. We need to maintain a uniform code of conduct that fits our image. 

We believe you have stepped outside the behaviors we expect from all our employees and have spoken to you about this. Your lateness and errors in the business decision not surviving there were the recent incident in Boston that embarrassed the entire company in front of a valued client. 

Beginning with the date of this letter, you have to understand that you must enter into a six-month probationary period. In this time, your work and actions will be monitored closely and used to determine your continued value to Commercial Bank. Sign below if you are (a) in agreement with the terms and (b) know this agreement does not guarantee employment for any length of time. 



Tony Clark 

Your last chance agreement letter will be great if you write this letter clearly. You need to pay attention to the tone of your language to make the recipient comfortable when they are reading.


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