20+ Emoji Pictures Template for Social Interactions

It’s a good thing that there are so many reliable, trusted, and credible sources providing cute and free emoji pictures that can be accessed by anyone, including you. You probably think that emojis aren’t important but you have to admit that emojis really spark up your texting days and usages. Some people may think that such pictures aren’t important but you can probably guess about these people’s daily routine – which probably is boring and plain.

The Functions of the Emojis

Our everyday texting activities are filled with smiling emoticons or crying emoticons or even scary faces. Those are emojis and they are highly popular because of the smartphones and mobile devices. Emojis are pictures that depict our emotions – that’s why you have smiling, sad, crying, sleepy, and other types of emotions. These icons represent our emotions while texting.

Written and oral communications are different. When you talk to people, face to face, you get to see the facial expressions – whether they are smiling, frowning, shaking heads, and such thing alike. You won’t be able to see that when you are communicating through a written form. Even when you are talking through the phone, you can still hear the tone and the emotion expressed through it although you can’t see the facial expression. Such a thing can’t be done when you are using the written form either. That’s why we have emoji pictures, so we can still talk and communicate without the lack of emotions or whatsoever. The emojis somehow make the written form more humane and it ‘softens’ the tone of the conversation. It is about an exchange of messages, not merely conveying a message and then you will be done about it.

So, basically, the functions of the emoji pictures are:

  • To attract readers and friends attention – this is mainly applicable in social media related to a post or a message – so they want to go through it
  • It is the highlight of a post or a text message
  • It is used to express one’s feeling or mood
  • It helps to create a better understanding between those who are communicating
  • The emojis are often used in ads, usually with fonts

How to Use the Emojis Properly

It is safe to say that the emojis are mostly used in the casual and informal situations. There is a basic guide of how you should implement it:

  • When you are sending text messages between friends or when you are engaging in online messangers with other family members or friends, using the emojis is possible – and also allowed.
  • The emojis are also often used in social media – in statuses, in posts, in column of comments, and in inbox or private boxes. As long as the situations are informal, relaxed, and casual, the emojis can be used. After all, they are cute and funny, and they can make the conversation more fun.
  • Emojis should never be used in official documents or formal situations. When you write a job application or business proposal, these emojis are completely inappropriate
  • Emojis shouldn’t be used in formal headlines, such as magazine or newspaper headlines

So, what do you think of emoji pictures now?

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