4 Benefits of Manager Reference Letter For Your Resume

To have an outstanding resume, you may need to seek for a manager reference letter. This kind of letter provides a way to obtain insight from the manager. Moreover, it is written by the person who supervises or the higher-level role than the manager, so it will be easier to boost your resume for your next manager application.

Besides giving a boost to your resume, you may find this reference letter useful due to its rich advantages. Below are the advantages you may obtain from having a manager reference letter attached with your application.


Expresses Your Personal Quality

A good reference letter usually describes personal qualities possessed by the applicant for the next manager position. The thing meant with personal qualities here are communication ability in both verbal and written, flexibility, intelligence, willingness to hold responsibility, and initiative you took on your responsibility.

Discloses Your Brief Qualifications

Often, a brief qualification of the applicant would be written in the body of the manager reference letter. It is recommended to share a bit about your next manager position in the next company with the writer of the letter. Therefore, they are able to provide the best-suited skills and traits to support your eligibility in the letter. Sometimes, a great reference letter mentioned the applicant’s achievements and accomplishments to increase the convincing point.

Endorses Yourself

The reference letter is typically assigned as an endorsement for the applicant. The reference letter is provided by your supervisor in your former company, and usually, they would elaborate your capabilities, skills, and your behavior in your previous company. That’s why the reference letter would be the best consideration to recruit someone as an employee. Usually, it includes brief background and title of the author of the reference letter to make it more convincing.

Provides Perception About Yourself

The reference letter for a manager position is also able to provide how the employer perceives about you and your work in the previous company. Although this thing is optionally mentioned in the reference letter, you may opt to include the former company perception in your reference letter to help the new employer understanding about how others perceive you and your work.

To make your understanding better about reference letter for manager, you may study the following example:

A Simple Example of Manager Reference Letter You Can Reuse

Dear Mr. Carpenter

As the CEO of OPQ Restaurant, I acknowledge how tough it will be to find the best-suited restaurant manager who packs the motivational and managerial skills. The manager is able to manage all the way how the staffs handle the service and provide hospitality knowledge application well. Apparently, that point is what I have from Ms. Anne Zhu who has been worked with me for over 3 years at OPQ Restaurant. This is why I highly recommend her to fill the openings in your eatery.

Zhu collaborates with us as an intern in her last academic year at RST University majoring in hospitality management. She worked her way up from front desk receptionist, sales division manager, junior assistant manager, senior assistant manager, and finally general manager. I often receive compliments from the customer about how well-deserved the service where Zhu is involved directly.

I am confident that you will be as pleased as I with her skills and job performance. I am feeling pleased to speak with you anytime if you have questions or would like to discuss her qualifications further. You may contact me at email seamus@opqrestaurant.com or by phone at 555-555555


Warm regards,


Neville Seamus

OPQ Restaurant CEO

We hope this example of reference letter for the manager above will add up your ideas to write it more properly and appropriately.


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