Scholarship Appeal Letter Due to Illness

Regardless of the reason for the rising and falling of the GPA scores, you have to consider writing an appeal letter to retain your scholarship. You can describe your circumstances underlying your GPA score downs with a scholarship appeal letter. It is possible that the foundation or organization which provides you the scholarship reconsider your circumstance and opt to retain your scholarship.


Circumstance That Possibly Acceptable in Your Appeal Letter

Frequently, people want to retain the scholarship regardless of their circumstances. In fact, there are circumstances that people can bring in their appeal letter, and circumstances that people can not bring in the appeal letter for scholarship. The most possibly acceptable reason for the appeal letter is an illness or accidental events. While you can not bring your negligence, and other unrelated matters as your reason in the scholarship appeal letter.

How to Explain About your Illness in Your Appeal Letter

Illness does not come by any personal means. If this the case you may not bring the reason for your appeal letter. If the illness you suffer is coming after you try your best to keep your body healthy, it is possibly accepted. Write any situation clearly and chronologically. Make sure to attach the letter for taking bed rest from the physician to add evidence that you are suffering the illness. Elaborate how long you are recommended to take a rest, and how long it takes to recover after the illness.

What to Write in Your Appeal Letter?

In the scholarship appeal letter, there should use clear words and honest meaning. The only thing you need to do is write your illness that you deem as your main reason for the GPA down. Provide additional evidence like physician prescription, and physician’s note to take bed rest for a specific period.

How to Write Scholarship Appeal Letter?

Several organizations or foundations that provide the scholarship usually have provided the formats for an appeal letter. However, in case your organization or foundation scholarship provider does not have a specific format, you may study the sample below.

Dear Mr. Drake,

I am writing to appeal the recent revocation of my scholarship due to a drop in my Grade Point Average (GPA). I am fully aware that the basic benchmark of GPA in order to retain my scholarship is 3.2 and I ended the previous semester with 3.0. Moreover, I aware that my GPA is solely my responsibility. I would appreciate it more if you would consider my situation that mainly contributed to my GPA drop in the previous semester. You may found any supporting documents attached to this letter.

About four full weeks, I have sustained severe GERD and the physician recommends me to have bed rest for about four weeks to recover. I have tried my best to keep my eating pattern and its nutrition. However, the GERD still hit me.

I know I should have taken a leave absence, but I assumed that I could keep up with my learning while I have bed rest.  However, it still resulted in a drop in my GPA which contributed to the revocation of my next semester scholarship. I would like to ask you to make special consideration in this case and allow me one or more semesters to fix my GPA up again. Regardless of your decision for me, I want to thank you for giving me the scholarship and ultimately for considering this request for consideration.




Clarence Delacour

We hope the example of the scholarship appeal letter above provides you with more thoughts about how to write it appropriately and professionally.



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