3+ CD Label Template Sample


How to Create a CD Label Template Sample in Microsoft Word


The CD label template sample can be made on a page of Microsoft Word. In this article, there will be steps in creating it. If you want to know, read it carefully.


The CD label template sample is like a custom CD covers that you can make by yourself. It is like a homemade CD cover, as well as your CD contents. Although it is homemade, you can make your template a bit professional appearance. How to create it?


Create a CD Label Template Sample 

Now you do not need to painstakingly spend time to make a CD Label Template Sample. You can create it not more than minute counts. Where you can create it is in Microsoft Word. You can start your creativity by imagining the cover of a CD you want to print out.  Here are how to create a template of the CD label. It will be easy to do.

1. Create a CD label template sample in Microsoft Word

  • Open the program of Microsoft word. Then, click New. This button is in the File menu.
  • Then, you can select the Template option.
  • After that, you choose the Labels.
  • There will be several options. Select the Media category. It allows you to browse the available cover of the CD.
  • After getting the suitable template, you click on it.
  • The template will show you some texts, graphics, and images. If you want to delete the text or graphic, you can delete it using the Delete key on the keyboard of the computer.
  • Then, click Insert to choose Picture to open the image collection you have on the computer. Choose the Picture you want by clicking it. The Picture will be in the template. You can adjust the size by dragging it.
  • To make word art, go to Insert and select WordArt. There is another alternative you can use. It is the Text Box. You can type what you want to appear on the cover of the CD. Then, set the style, color, and size of the font using the toolbar.
  • If you have finished with all the things, you can save it. If you want to print the label, you can click the File and find the Print button.

2. The standard of the CD label template sample

For the standard of the art dimensions of the CD, the label is about 116mm x 45 mm for the outer edge and inner edge. If you want to print out the template with a white layer, the dimensions of art are 116mm x 24 mm for the outer edge and inner edge.


Now, you can create your CD label template sample by yourself. Happy Trying!


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