4+ Best Powerpoint Template


Do You Want to Make Your Best Powerpoint Template Sample? 


Doing a presentation in front of people will be fascinating if you use the best powerpoint template sample. You can create it by yourself.


When you are coming to the time to do a presentation, you need help to deliver the focuses of your submission in the powerpoint. The best powerpoint template sample can carry you to the highest success of doing a presentation.


Best Powerpoint Template Sample

It is a blueprint of what you are going to present in front of the audience. This powerpoint template is a group of slides that contains the materials you would perform. The powerpoint is usually about the focal points of the materials showed.

Since the presentation is to obtain the attention of the audience, you need to create your best powerpoint template sample. It can be from the layouts, fonts, effects, colors, styles of background, and the most important is the content of it. So, how can you create it?

1. The components of the best powerpoint template sample

Before you start to make a template of it, you have to know about the components of a powerpoint slide.

  • The specific content of subject matter
  • The format of backgrounds like the gradient of color, pictures, texture, and transparency.
  • The design elements such as the colors, effects, fonts, theme or template design
  • The specific information you want to deliver that you place it in the text-placeholders. It will prompt the audience to get the point of your presentation.

2. How to Create the best powerpoint template sample

Although there are many templates offered on the internet, which are considered as the best template, you can create one of yourself. There are steps.

  • Go to Ms. PowerPoint, then click File. Choose New, then Blank Presentation


  • There will be a Design tab. Go to Slide Size, and click Custom Slide Size. Then, go to the page you want to adjust


  • After selecting the page, go to the View tab. There will be options; you need to take a look at the Master Views group. Choose Slide Master.


  • This Slide Master allows you to change the page you choose. You can add the theme with the special fonts and effects by clicking the Themes, and select one of the themes in the gallery.


You can change the background by clicking the Background Styles. Then, choose one you are suitable for. For adding a placeholder where you can text, add pictures or chart, and others, you select the page you want to change, then click Insert Placeholder. Then, you can choose the placeholder type you want.


Make sure that you have saved the best powerpoint template sample you made in the folder. The File of powerpoint will be saved by using the file type, powerpoint template.


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