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Creating a book by yourself is a brilliant idea! You will feel proud of your book is read everywhere, until it becomes a best seller. Or maybe just making an e-book containing various tutorials, it’s not a problem. Don’t forget to customize your book cover to be an attractive appearance. A book cover is the first face of a book. If the cover has an unattractive appearance, the reader will not be interested in opening page by page. Vice versa, if the book cover has a stunning appearance, then the reader will feel curious about the contents in it. Here we provide tips for designing a book cover template.

Five Parts You Must Have on a Book Cover Template

Cover book is a part of the book that will never be separated. It serves as the first face of a book, which will reflect open content. Thus, make it as attractive as possible so that readers will be more curious to open further page by page. If not, readers will be reluctant to read further because the book cover is already dull. Try to see the various designs that exist as a reference you determine the book cover. Here we inform you about the parts that need to be considered in making a book cover template.

  1. Color Grading

Making a book cover template must pay attention to the colors taken. Customize the style of your book, whether confident, relaxed, or telling a story. If it’s a casual style, you can use bright colors, confident with dark colors, etc.

  1. Illustration

Adding illustrations will give its beauty on the cover of your book. A painting can also be made characteristic of the contents of the book that you make. Adjust the figures with the discussion of the contents of the book, do not let the illustrations installed don’t match the contents of the book, which makes the reader doesn’t want to explore the contents of your book further. You can also provide small icons on side, corner, or near the illustration as a complement

  1. Small decoration

Look lonely and attractive? You can add multiple gradient lines or various 3-dimensional texture effects to make the book cover more colorful. Don’t forget to adjust the colors that have been applied before

  1. Letters

An essential element in making a book cover template is the type and size of the letters. There is nothing wrong with uppercase or lowercase letters; the most important thing is the suitability. Don’t forget about the style of letters by choosing a method that is easy to read remotely.

  1. Layout

The last element to note is the layout. Try to put all of the features described above neatly and in their place, so they are easy to read. The wrong placement will make it difficult for readers to understand the cover of the book that has been made.

Book Cover Design Ideas

Book Cover Example

Already get the idea to start designing your book cover template? Make readers more curious and more curious about the contents of the book in it!


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