Easy And Simple Junior Web Developer Cover Letter

Web developers could be a tough career, but this profession is promising you a legit salary rather than other jobs. Its average yearly salary could reach $54,000 which means, it makes roughly $26 per hour. The junior web developer is the entry-level to be the professional web developer. For those who curious enough about presenting the best website and web services over the internet, apply for this job by writing a junior web developer cover letter to start your journey. Ensure to read the following matters to get an insight into the profession.


What Is the Junior Web Developer Do?

A junior web developer is responsible to help senior web developers in creating websites that are conforming to the client’s specifications and requests. Mostly, they are involved from the project conceptualization phase to the final deliverable phase. They are also must organize the website content and configure web scripts and compatibility web scripts.

The Special Trait They Have to Possess

Being a junior web developer requires them to possess the following traits to smoothen their daily duties.

  • Customer Service Skills – including listening and communication skills with clients.
  • High concentration – the capability to be focused on the task.
  • Creativity – brand new ideas and ways to address the client’s issues and meet their requirements

 Junior Web Developer Daily Duties

Their daily duties mostly including:

  • Meet with clients and discuss their requirements for the website/web app.
  • Design the web, and write codes to program the functions.
  • Test the website/web app.

Writing Your Cover Letter to Apply for The Job

Below is an example of the cover letter to apply for the junior web developer. You may use the following sample as a reference or reuse it at your convenience.

Dear Mr. John F. Kelly,

I would like to express my interest to be a junior web developer with your company, ABC Software, and Web Development Inc. I believe I am the best fit for the openings.

I have acquired my bachelor’s degree majoring in Information Technology specialized in web design and web application. I am proficient enough using HTML, XML, MySQL, CSS, and PHP.

I get my experience in designing websites in developing a school website along with its functionalities. I can prepare documents and paper works accurately. I have the capability to use my well-judgment to design websites and manage time efficiently to fulfill my task within deadlines. I have outstanding verbal and writing skills that make my idea is elaborated perfectly and understandable.

I am a very flexible person that is able to work various shifts. I am easily blending into different types of environments. My colleagues saw me as a friendly person, work as a team or independently is the thing that I am able to deal with on any occasion. Furthermore, I keep in touch with the recent tech news and updates that are associated with the business.

Please feel free to reach me by phone at (444)444444 or by email at emal@domain.com to discuss the details about my possibility to fill the position.



Brandon Schwarzinneger

That is all about a junior web developer and several matters to consider before applying for the job. Good luck in getting the interview.



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