Internship Resignation Letter and the example 

An internship is an essential part of a course that one must accomplish. Moreover, if you want to resign from this job position, you need to arrange a proper internship resignation letter. This letter will help you to state the reason why you are quit for this job position without any difficulties.


What should I include to write an internship resignation letter? 

You have to consider that this internship resignation letter design is a formal letter. Therefore, you have to follow the formal business letter format. This letter also has to be arranged well by directing to your direct supervisor or advisor when you arrange this letter.

How to create an internship resignation letter 

When you want to arrange the internship resignation letter template, you have to consider the standard format of the letter. Gaining this idea, you can follow some steps below to make the letter is easy to read.

  • You can begin your letter by embracing a professional and polite tone at the beginning of a paragraph to make it easy to understand
  • In the following paragraph, you also need to include the reasons for leaving the internship before maturity and it should be clearly explained in the letter
  • Remember to gratitude the supervisor and the company for the internship position to end your letter

Tips to write an internship resignation letter 

Furthermore, your internship resignation letter format will be better if you know some tips to write the letter. The tips will lead you to make the letter easy to understand. Here are some of the tips:

  • You need to write down only the facts to keep the letter short and concise
  • You also need to make the letter with the details regarding the resignation
  • Remember to use the formal closing when you close your letter

The example of an internship resignation letter 

To help you write this letter, you also need to read many internship resignation letter examples. The sample will help you to make the letter interesting. Here is the sample that can be used as your reference.

Dear Mr. Carrick, 

I send this letter to inform you that I will resign as an intern in the marketing department at Express technology Solutions.

I joined your company on December 1, 2014, but I unable to give my best due to the excess workload. Moreover, I am pursuing my master’s degree in Business Administration and I am supposed to take my end of your exams in the next two weeks. In this respect, I resign officially from my internship with immediate effect. 

Thank you for the internship opportunity at your company, and please understand my condition. I do apologize for any inconvenience caused and please let me know if I can help in any way to ensure a smooth transition. 

Best regards, 


John Peters 

That is all about an internship resignation letter. You have to include all information needed to ensure the supervisor about your resign. You also need to apply a good grammatical structure and spelling to avoid any misunderstanding in your letter.


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