Writing a Professional Customer Service Attendance Cover Letter

In the business industry, customer service attendance becomes a crucial part when it comes to service for the customers. They have a long list of responsibilities to help the customers from the complaint until suggestions to give. If you happen to be interested in becoming a customer service attendance, this article gives you the information in understanding the job descriptions and tips to apply for joband writing a professional customer service attendance cover letter.

Job Descriptions of Customer Service Attendance

The main responsibility of customer service attendance is to deal with the customers, it can be from the telephone or direct meeting like the customer service in banks. That’s why answering customer calls becomes a responsibility. Customer service attendance mostly deals with the customers’ complaints of the product or service offered by the company but they also need to have product or service knowledge that some customers ask. In some companies, customer services also offer the latest product to the customers to sell.In the end, customer services ensure the customers have a positive experience.

Tips to Apply as a Customer Service Attendance

After getting accepted, the first thing you need to do is understanding the product/service well. Training is usually done to equip the customer service wannabe with good knowledge so they can explain the information to the customer well. Use a calm tone and positive words. Sometimes, customers can get disappointed, and being customer service, you need to accept the complaint and try to express it calmly. Use positive words when you cannot do what the customer’s request. Be a good listener is another tip to be a customer service attendance. Either complaint or suggestion that the customers need, try to listen and not cut in the middle. It is a crucial ethic skill for customer service in the telephone or direct meeting.

Sample of Customer Service Attendance Cover Letter

After knowing the job descriptions and tips for customer service, below is an example of thecover letter that you can use as a reference.

Dear Mrs. Yulia,

With this letter, I am interested in applying for a customer service attendance in McLaren Communications, as it is informed by the company website. It is my dream to join one of the biggest communication company and I believe I can be a good fit for the position offered.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Science from XYZ University with a GPA of 3.97. After graduating, I worked as a customer service attendance at ABC Company for three years. In terms of my performance, I have good evaluation from the customers and company for two years in a row. I believe I have good communication skills as I manage to master several foreign languages such as English, French, and Germany.

I have met a lot of customers with different characters and I enjoy working helping them. I listen to the problems attentively and I am able to solve the problem quickly based on the situation that occurs. I work professionally as I do not get panic if there is a strong complaint coming from the customers. I give responses calmly and I try to explain the situation. I believe I can be good customer service for McLaren Communications.

I can be reached at 111-999-222 for the interview. Thank you.



Hailey Berry

The cover letter above highlights the strong points of the applicants without trying to exaggerate the situation.


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