5+ Travel Brochure Template Sample


Travel Brochure Template Sample

Working as a designer is pretty hard when you do not know how to maximize your design efficiently. A travel brochure is pretty common in travel agencies. It is needed to advertise the agency as well as to show the facilities, features, and destination to the clients. Do not worry about making travel brochure from scratch since there are lots of travel brochure template samples you can look online.

Travel Brochure

Travel agencies, besides advertising online, also work on travel brochures. It is still a decent way to attract clients and customers although it is old-school. You can get a brochure when you visit the agency or waiting at the airport.

Since it is a brochure, it only contains necessary and general information to save up time and space. The customer does not want to spend their time reading the brochure for too long. That is why the contact person of the agency is put in the brochure; whether it is email or social media to ask the detail and specific information.

Tips in Making Travel Brochure

The first tip is to be general about the information or route you want to offer. The general information includes from where to where the trip is destined, when is the trip available, how much it cost per package, what facilities and features the customers will get, and the last is the contact person of the agency.

The second tip is to put special discounts, promos, as well as attractive images in the brochure. People tend to visualize the image in the brochure, so make sure you put the good one. Besides, they will also likely to join the trip if they get special discount.

Travel Brochure Template Sample

First of all, you can use Google Docs on Google Drive to create your travel brochure. If you want to make it from scratch, that is fine. However, deciding which is the best position of the text, image, and graphics can take too much time.

There is travel brochure template sample available on the Template Gallery for you to customize. It saves you time. You just have to edit the text and replace the image.

How to Use

How to use the template is pretty simple. Just go to Google Docs Template Gallery and search for a brochure template. Click ‘Use this template’ and now you can customize the template.

Always remember your brochure should be as attractive as possible and have the simplest design.

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