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5×7 Blank Cards and how to make it awesome to read in Words

You can create the 5×7 blank cards in Word without any difficulties. Although Microsoft Word is probably not a full-fledged graphics program it can be used to create a great card easily. Microsoft Word can use its layout, font, text box, and other features that will help you to create a blank card well.

In this idea, you can use images or clipart from your own collection, download royalty-free images, and so forth on your 5×7 blank cards idea. In this part, you can customize and edit the blank card suitable for your need. With clever manipulation and some creativity, you also can make a great blank card easily.

How to create the 5×7 blank cards interesting in Words

If you want to create in Words, you can create this blank card impressive by opening the blank Word document and select the page layout to get the proper landscape. This part is important because the landscape will make your blank card looking interesting although you create it on Microsoft Words.

After that, you can select the page layout and size to get more paper sizes. The paper size is important to make the blank card impressive. In this idea, you should choose 5×7 in size. Under paper size on the page setup screen, you can scroll down the 5×7 blank card design by creating a custom-sized card.

How to make the 5×7 blank cards look great to read

Furthermore, you also need to select the custom paper size from the page setup screen and enter a width of 7.25 inches and a height of 5.25 inches. After that, you also can click ok and notice at the blank card that appears on the screen. You need to pay attention to use the word to create your card with a mailing list from any ASCII/ CSV.

Besides, you also can change the margins on the blank card to 0.5 inches for all sides. To make your 5×7 blank cards format great, you can select insert and choose pictures. You can browse to your corporate logo and click the insert button on the card. The size of the logo should fit three to four lines and modify the font to match your corporate branding.

Choose the best font for your 5×7 blank cards

Your card will be great if you have a proper font for your blank card. In this idea, you can choose a festive font for happy holidays such as Amore ATT with a font size that almost touches the right and left borders like 48 points. To make it easier, you can change the auto leading to 48 inches under Home and paragraph.

This software is unlike graphics programs so that you cannot just pick up the greeting and move it anywhere you like on the page. If you use the regular page text, you can use Word Art or a text box on your card to make a great letter on the 5×7 blank cards template without any difficulties.

Apply the best text box on the 5×7 blank cards

Finally, you only need to apply the text box on your 5×7 blank cards impressively. You can use features to edit the text or change the color, size, and other attributes to make it awesome.


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