Patient Termination Letter and its example 

As a physician, you will be dedicated to the health and well-being of the patient. Moreover, you also have to make a decision to end the doctor-patient relationship due to certain reasons. In this idea, you can write a patient termination letter. This letter will help both of them understand the situation.


What is the importance of a patient termination letter?  

When you are arranging this patient termination letter idea, a doctor probably can discharge a patient for a variety of reasons. Those are the failure to keep appointments, refusing to pay a bill, and even not following medical advice. This letter will be important because it will notify the patients very well.

How to create a patient termination letter

Since this patient termination letter template is a formal notice of dismissal or discharge given to a physician’s subject, you need to arrange it properly. In this idea, you can follow some steps below to make your letter arrangement properly. These are some of the steps:

  • You can begin by personalizing the contents of the letter. In this idea, you can let your patient feel the care and concern that you have for them by crafting the letter
  • You also can give them assurance because the doctor will assure their patients that this change will be good for them
  • Remember to provide the reason for termination in the body paragraph to make the patients understand the circumstance

Tips to write a patient termination letter

Besides, you also need to make a good letter by understanding the tips to write this patient termination letter format. Here are some of the tips to follow to make the letter impressive:

  • You need to provide the amount of time the physician is giving the patient to find another healthcare provider
  • You also need to inform the patient of the procedures regarding his or her medical records
  • End your letter with a positive note of encouragement

The example of a patient termination letter

Furthermore, you also will need to make a good letter if you read the patient termination letter example. The sample will guide you to write the proper letter. It also can be used as your reference to write the letter. Here is the sample:

Dear Ms. Deny, 

This letter will inform you that I will no longer assume responsibility as your physician. I terminate our physician-patient relationship due to the numerous missed appointments and your continued failure to pay for the medical service provided. I will continue to offer medical service to you for 7 days following the date of this letter. 

Suitable with the records, you have failed to cancel or to show up for 5 appointments in the last 3 months. Our office policy is to charge the patients a fee of $20 for every missed appointment. Our office policy state a patient is responsible for its payment on the date of medical services. 

I encourage you to contact the county medical association for a physician referral. We are also happy to send copies of medical records to your new physician. I wish you continued good health in the future. 



Michael Adam, 

Dr. Michael Adam

That is all about a patient termination letter. This letter should inform clearly to avoid any misunderstanding both of physicians and the patients well.



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