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A2 Card Template for Excellent Greeting Ideas

A greeting card is an interesting document that you can send for someone meaningful for you. This card includes an informal card. It means you are free to choose both the design and size of the card to deliver your message. That is why the A2 card template can be a reference for you.

As we have said before, you are free to choose the size of the greeting card just to write the detailed messages there. An A2 card can be a good option, especially when you want to make a big-enough greeting card.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about the greeting card and the A2 card for the size-option. Read the following writings to know the details of it.

Why Choosing A2 Card for Default Size?

Substantively, an A2 card is only an option that can be considered when you want to make a good greeting card. However, these are some reasons why choosing this size of the card is appropriate.

When it is converted into centimeter, an A2 card has 42.0×59.4 cm. We may see that it is a large-enough card to make a special greeting card. Well, this card also can be an option when you want to make a poster for business promotion.

With the large space, it means there is more space to be explored. You can write more words and sentences to greet your special person. On another hand, you also could apply a unique design with some elements there.

How to Make a Greeting Card with A2 Card Template?

As we have said before, an A2 card can be a good size to be applied when you want to make a good greeting card. However, you need to know how to make a good greeting card with this size of the paper.


Well, using the template can be the first idea to be applied. With the template of the A2 card for making a greeting card, creating a good greeting card will be easier and quicker. That is quite reasonable since there is a default shape of a greeting card there.

Then, choose the right theme to make a good greeting card. Since a greeting card could be made informally, you are free to choose the detailed theme. Think about the people who want to be the receiver to consider the theme.

After it, start to make the messages of the greeting card. You could show your expression here freely.

Tips to Create a Good A2 Card Greeting Card

To maximize the result in making a greeting card using the A2 card, these are some tips that you should underline. Pay attention to the design element to make an eye-catching greeting card. Some elements, such as color, font, image, and others should be chosen rightly.

On another hand, keep the message readable. Although you are free to write the greeting message, make sure that the sentences are clear.

A2 Card Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the A2 card template that can be your reference to make a good greeting card. Choose the best template and then personalize it.

A2 Card Ideas

A2 Card Example

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