Apology Letter for Plagiarism and its great example 

Plagiarism is a serious issue that probably results in a severe consequence. In the Academic, plagiarism will lead to expulsion and more complicated cases. Therefore, when you have done plagiarism and someone knows about it, you have to arrange an apology letter for plagiarism that will help you to lessen the consequence.


What is an apology letter for plagiarism?

As its name, this apology letter for plagiarism idea is a letter of apology due to your plagiarism. Although there is never any excuse for plagiarism and most school from elementary to university beyond will punish you for any plagiarism. With this letter of apology, you probably will amend for your mistake.

How to create an apology letter for plagiarism 

Furthermore, to write this letter, you need to follow the steps to write the letter. This apology letter for the plagiarism template has some ideas that should be followed to make it better. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • You can begin your letter by apology along with the recognition for the mistake
  • You also need to go into details as to how you plan to fix your mistake and ensure that it never happens again in the next paragraph.
  • You can end your letter by describing your respect for the teacher, class, school, and education you are receiving.

Tips to make an apology letter for plagiarism

Besides, before you start writing this apology letter for plagiarism format, you also need to consider several important tips that will make your letter easy to read. Here are some of the tips:

  • You need to acknowledge what your fault is
  • You also have to find the suitable words before you start writing the letter
  • Be direct in your letter and use the first person singular to write the apology letter

The example of an apology letter for plagiarism

To facilitate your writing this letter, you also can read the apology letter for plagiarism example. The sample will lead you and it can be your best reference to write the letter without any difficulties.

Here is a sample of the letter:

Dear Mr. Mark, 

I am writing this letter to apologize for plagiarizing my last essay. I should never have purchased that easy off the internet. I realize now that it will have been better for me to have written the essay and taken a bad grade than to have tried to cheat to get a good grade. 

I have learned a lot through my punishment. It was naïve and childish of me to believe I can get away with buying my grades. I know now that taking credit for someone else’s work is wrong and from now, I will always do the work myself and take the grade I deserve. 

I do apologize for my action. I will never do this again and I appreciate my education and your class. Thank you for not punishing me more severely. I look forward to continuing my work in your class. I hope I can work hard and raise my grade on my own. 

Thank you, 


William Steel 

That is all about the apology letter for plagiarism. All you need to write this letter is that you have to be honest and sincerely to apologize and you should promise do not to do it again.


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