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90-Day Review Template to Value the Performance of Employee

For the manager, valuing the performance of an employee is quite essential. This matter could be used to make sure that the employee works maximally and in line with the target. Many ideas to be used in checking the employee’s performance, including using the 90-day review template.

Well, do you ever hear about the 90-day review for the employee, before?

As its name, this point is a strategy that can be applied to value the performance of the employee after joined with the company in 90 days. It can be a good way for the manager to make sure that the employee could fulfill the targets of the company.

Benefits of 90-Day Review Template

As we have said before, the 90-day review is a way that can be applied to value the performance of the employee after they joined with the team. Well, these are some benefits of this idea are:

  • Early performance feedback

The 90-day review will be useful to get the early performance feedback. 90 days is enough time to get the progress of the employee. It means the manager can do some evaluations after seeing the working process of the employee at a certain time.


  • Gauge future performance

The review after 90 days of working can be used to gauge future performance. As we have said before, that time is enough period to value the performance of the employee. It means the time will show how the future of the employee’s performance.

  • Clarify performance and expectations

Every manager has some targets for their employee that should be maintained. The 90-day review here can be a tool to clarify both performance and expectations of the manager. With the review, the goals can be handled on the track.

How to Make a Good 90-Day Review

Since the 90-day review is an important matter, of course, you also need to be careful in making the preparation. To make the review, it will be better when you try to find a template for it. The template here can be a helper and reference.

Then, try to find some detailed questions to be asked inside the review. The questions here are quite important since those questions can be the source of data to value the performance of the employee.

Tips to Do an Effective 90-Day Review

These are also some tips that you need to know in doing the 90-day review. The first and essential tip is changing the mindset. Here, you need to underline that the review is a serious discussion, so you can avoid asking unnecessary questions.

On another hand, do not be glued with the 90-days. It means you are free to do the review before the 90-day. This idea is quite interesting and effective, especially to decrease the stress level of the employee.

90-Day Review Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the 90-day review template that can be your reference on this page. All templates are free to download and it is available on the PSD file, so it is quite easier to be edited. Find the best template and make your best review!

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