9+ Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template


Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template to ensure your quality for the employer

If you want to be a dentist and you want to promote your qualities, you need to write a Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template. This template will demonstrate clearly a candidate’s ability to provide optimal dentistry care to patients looking for their services. Your CV also needs to highlight your ability to show empathy and kindness.

You need to understand that a strong Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template design will showcase one’s expertise in different areas of dentistry. It also will convey the ability to work as both a leader and a team member to offer the best patient care. Therefore, you need to make this template impressive to read.

The example of a Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template

To facilitate your writing this CV, you can follow the following sample below to make your template impressive. The sample is easy to read and follow. Here is the sample of the template.

Thomas Adam

Personal Info

Phone: (777)-992-999

Email: adamthomas67@gmail.com


A friendly and caring general dentist with 5+ years of experience in small family dental practice helping over 2.000 clients with their dental necessities. A New York State license and introduced a new method dubbed five-handed dentistry that improved dental operation times by 25%.


Dental Hygienist

Manhattan Dental Practice, New York, February 2018 – present

  • screen and assess patients for an oral health condition, review of health history, oral cancer screening, and periodontal charting
  • developed dental x-rays such as periodical, bitewing, panoramic, cephalometric, and 3 D cone beam scan
  • clean calculus and plaque from all surface of the teeth

General dentist

Manhattan Dental Practice, New York, June 2014 – January 2018

  • skilled in running multiple operatories and utilizing time efficiently
  • strong working knowledge of dentistry such as orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • instructed and delegated dental support staff on various procedures such as lab assistants, dental assistants, dental hygienist, and office manager


Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Manhattan University

Key Skills 

  • four-handed dentistry and orthodontics
  • crown, bridges, and veneers
  • dental assessments
  • communication skills
  • attention to detail and problem solving

How to Create Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template

To make your template impressive, your Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template design should be arranged with some steps. The step will make your template well-organized so that it will make your recipient easily understanding. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  • you need to write your professional licenses listing being in reversed chronological order with the most current license that you have received in the topmost part of the list
  • be specific in discussing your clinical technical skills, abilities, expertise, and knowledge
  • state the dentistry practice that you were able to do and is confident to execute any time of the day
  • highly suggested for you to compare it to other samples that are used in the field

How do I write a CV for the dentist? 

You have to consider some ideas when you want to write a Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template document.

To facilitate your writing this CV, you can follow some ideas below. Here are some parts that should be followed when you are writing a CV for the dentist.

1) Write your personal information including name, address, contact details, website, or social media page

2) Medical licenses

3) Professional career goals with a short statement explaining what you are looking for professionally

4) Write your membership in a professional organization and also community services

What skills do you need for dentistry?

When you are writing this CV, you need to include the top skills in this template. Many skills are available for this dentist but you have to include the top skills that will make your recipient impressive to read your letter. Here are the top skills to include.

1) Medical skills including administering dental medications, performing dental procedures, taking dental X-rays, and handling emergencies

2) Interpersonal skills where you need to build rapport with patients by listening to their concerns and making their entire experience positive

3) Administrative skills including interview the patients, schedule them for appointments, order supplies, and medications, and should pay close attention to detail

Kinds of a Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template

Like other job positions, this Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template idea design also has some positions that can be applied. Therefore, you can select one of these templates that is suitable for your CV to apply for the job. Here are some of the types of this CV.

Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template with no experience 

If you have no experience as a dentist, you need to use this CV template. This document template is simple because it will emphasize your skills and also education. Therefore, this CV will guide you to include relevant skills and also relevant education to strengthen your template well.

Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template in Word 

This template is editable and customizable. Since this template is in Word, you can change or customize it suitable to your need. You can add your experience or skills on this CV to ensure the recipient about your quality as a Dentist.

Example Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template

This sample will guide you to write a proper CV for a dentist without any difficulties. The sample will show everything you need on the template very well. It will show the skills, education, and also experience that will make your template impressive to read.

Senior Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template

Since this template is a senior dentist, the template focuses on the experiences and also the skills. Many experiences are found in this template so that you need to include your relevant experience in this template to ensure that you are the proper candidate to fill the senior dentist as the job position.

Dental assistant Curriculum Vitae Template

This CV will focus on the skills of a dentist assistant. If you have no many experiences, this CV can be your choice because it will not need many experiences to include.

Those are the way to arrange a Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template. Many types are available so that you can select the proper template without any difficulties. Because of that, you can make it impressive if you understand the importance of this template.

Dentist Curriculum Vitae Template Sample


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