Medical Assistant Recommendation to Give Support to Junior

When you act as a senior in health care, writing a medical assistant recommendation is a good thing to do. As a common recommendation letter, this document will be very useful to help your junior to join health care and start their professional career.

The medical assistant recommendation letter in common is written by the senior of the health care for the nurse or another assistant for the medical field. It can be a personal letter. However, the letter should be written in a formal word to maintain professionalism.


What to Include Inside Medical Assistant Recommendation Letter?

These are some matters to be included inside the medical assistant recommendation letter, so the readers –or the recruiter, could consider the letter. Some matters to be included inside this letter are:

  • Basic contact information of the applicant
  • Date of the letter
  • Explanation about the relationship with the candidate
  • List of accomplishment of the candidate
  • Contributions of the candidate that could be shown
  • Result of the candidate’s prior work
  • Reasons for the candidate will succeed

Parts of Medical Assistant Recommendation Letter

The medical assistant recommendation letter comes with the basic parts to be arranged. The parts here will be very useful to make sure that the message can be understood clearly.

Since it is a formal letter, the medical assistant recommendation letter should be started with a letterhead. This part tells about the basic contact information of the writer and the institution. The detailed part of this letter can be seen below:

  • Letterhead
  • Introduction
  • Relationship with candidate
  • Candidate’s attribute
  • Closing

Things to Avoid in Writing Medical Assistant Recommendation Letter

These are some matters to be avoided when you want to write a medical assistant recommendation letter. About this letter, avoid writing the wrong information. All information inside this letter should be written based on fact.

Then, do not use any ambiguous words. You need to maintain a professional tone and write only with a formal language option and writing style.

On another hand, do not push the reader to accept the candidate. This letter is just to recommend the candidate and the recruiter has their right to decide.

Sample of Medical Assistant Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. Gordon as a Hiring Manager

Through this letter, I want to recommend Julian Sebastian as the new medical assistant in your Yellow Health Care. I have been several years to work with him. I found that he is a hard worker with high optimism and determination. He is always serious, especially to finish the projects.

On another hand, he has a good basic medical education, so he is familiar with kinds of medical words. Besides, Mr. Sebastian has even volunteered for extra shifts. Of course, he knew the field problem completely.

I am confident that with all attributes of Mr. Sebastian, he will deliver a new matter for your medical care, so the institution could reach a better level in the future. Hopefully, you could consider this letter. Thank you very much for your attention.


Doctor Ivan

That is all about the medical assistant recommendationthat you need to know. Write it carefully to make sure that the letter could be a good consideration.



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