Medical Termination Letter to End Doctor-Patient Relationship

For the doctor, terminating the relationship with the patient substantively is not a good matter to do. However, sometimes, it becomes necessary to be done because of some rational reasons. When you –as a doctor, face this condition, you need to make a medical terminationletter.


This letter can be a good communication way for the patient. Since it is rather hard to make direct communication with patients, the letter could represent the attendance of the doctor. Of course, the doctor also could tell the detailed reason for the termination through the letter.


What Does Medical Termination Letter Mean?

A medical termination letter is a formal document that is applied to notice or discharge or dismissal given to the patient or the physician’s subject. By getting this letter, the patient will know that he or she will be no longer getting therapy or treatment from the doctor.

This letter tells about the reasons for the terminating as well as the final word of the doctor. On another hand, the basic contact information about the patient and the doctor also should be included to make sure that the object of this letter is right.

How to Make a Good Medical Termination Letter?

To make a clear medical termination letter, some steps can be the consideration by the doctor to reveal the complete reasons. Some steps to be considered in making this letter are:

  • Find an appropriate format to write the letter
  • Personalize the contents of the letter
  • Give assurance to the patients
  • Provide the detailed reason why the patient is terminated
  • End the letter with a positive note

Tips to Create Medical Termination Letter

These are also some tips that could be followed when you want to make a good medical termination letter. Since it is a formal letter, you need to follow an appropriate format of the letter, especially the business letter.

Then, keep the letter concise. It will be better for you to write every statement stick to the point and clear. Do not write a too-long sentence in delivering the arguments. On another hand, also avoid using ambiguous words that could daze the readers.

Sample of Medical Termination Letter

Dear Mr. Blake

I am sure that the relationship between the doctor and patient is very essential, especially to deliver a good quality of medical care. That is why when the trust is missing, it will limit the effectiveness of the whole treatment and it becomes what I feel now.

As my primary concern and for the best of your health, I believe that it is the right time for you to find another doctor. Effective on June 18, 2011, I will no longer serve you as my private patient.

We have discussed several times that I said you need to decrease the activity because of your illness. There is a serious injury on your leg because of the incident. It needs more time and specific treatment to make it normal.

However, I found that my word is meaningless. You still do your normal activity and you miss some times of specific treatment. That is why I write this termination letter, so you could find another doctor that maybe has a different treatment. Hopefully, you could understand the situation. Thank you for your attention.


Doctor William

That is all about the medical terminationletter that you need to know. Write it carefully with a polite tone.




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