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Freelancers Resume to land a job easily 

If you want to be a freelancer, you need to ensure the people about your quality as well. In this idea, you need to arrange a freelancer’s resume that will introduce your qualities and capabilities without any difficulties. A strong resume will be important for any job seeker.

Most freelancers and consultants will have many jobs in a year so that you need to make the freelancer’s resume idea full of skills and capabilities. The unique working situation complicates the resume writing process. This resume also needs to tricky to ensure the readers very well.

The example of freelancers resume

To inspire you to write this resume, you need to read the following sample that will guide you in writing the template without any difficulties. Here is the example of the letter.

Roman Jacobs

Personal info

Phone: (777)-889-9923

Email: jacobsroman32@gmail.com


TXZ Journalist and writer with 4+ years of experience and seeking to write high-ranking, high-traffic articles for Comcast. Present clients include Adobe, Costo, and Lowes. A regular contributor to Boy’s Life and Scouting magazine and have written 1000+ published, high-ranking, high-traffic articles since 2018.


Freelance writer

Atomic News, California, June 2018 – Present

  • Served as a key writer in a team of 3 that grow traffic from 1 M to 3.5 M per month
  • Write hundreds of career articles with Google rank of 1 to 3
  • Commended 6x by management for excellent content writing and SEO
  • Land 350+ backlink from external sites with high domain authority

Freelance Social Media Marketer

Happy Market, California, April 2016 – January 2018

  • Manage social media account, posting across a range of platform
  • Generate sharable content to improve interaction with the site
  • Improved likes and followers by 40% over the first six months and create a successful campaign that generates a 12% increase in sales
  • Write and promote a blog with information about issues most likely to appeal to potential customers


Bachelor of Art in Marketing

The University of Southern California, 2013 – 2017

Key skills 

  • Time management
  • Self-motivation
  • Copy writing
  • Content creation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Project management


  • Spanish
  • English

How to create a freelancers resume

When you are arranging the freelancer’s resume template, you need to consider the following steps that will make the resume interesting to read. In this idea, you can follow some ideas below without any difficulties.

  • Begin with your personal detail, education background, and contact information for a formal introduction of yourself
  • Include the expert in any category of freelancing job where you can operate complicated tools or computer programs to give your employer a hint of the extra skills
  • Lay down your work history and career highlight to make your name in the spotlight of freelancing service
  • Add your terms for the employment if it is possible such as the duration of the contract and responsibilities that will undertake for a specialist project

How do I write a resume for freelancing?

To make your freelancer’s resume design impressive, you need to understand the way to arrange this resume. With this idea, your resume will be simple but it is strong. Here are the ideas to apply:

1) You need to follow the traditional resume writing rules and you need to be creative and do not follow design principles

2) Consider using a skills-based resume format rather than creating a chronological resume that attempts to follow your work history from gig to gig

3) Customize your resume to fit the job you want and you also need to ensure that your resume includes experience and skills that are relevant

4) Quantify your achievements as much as possible and include links to your website and online profiles

How do you prove freelance work experience? 

Moreover, your resume will be impressive if you can prove your work experience to the readers. In this idea, you need to follow some ideas below to make your template impressive.

1) Download the resume that is easy to adjust and has high compatibility with any computer programs

2) Ensure that your resume has a summarized content but is full in its credential details

3) Add your personal interest and other extra hobbies that can add some interest in your application to underline the vocation as a freelancer

4) Do not make your resume in different layout and font styles

Kinds of freelancers resume

You also will find many types of freelancers’ resume design ideas that will help you to arrange the proper template for your job position. Because of that, you need to know some ideas below to make your template impressive.

Freelance writer resume

This resume is impressive because it has a short period of time that will construct a freelance. This type of resume also will show off the job expertise in any technical and online work. It will be useful to apply for contractual employment related to publishing companies.

Freelancer graphic designer resume

If you want to be a designer, you can select this resume as your template. This format will give a heads up to any applicant’s professional experience all over the years in web designing and software programming. It is also ready to use that can show your vital information in a concise form.

Freelancer designer resume

This resume will take any heights in stressing out the computer skills of web or graphic designer. This resume also will show that you are qualified in any technical project and web designing. It has a great layout although it has a basic design.

Freelancer editor resume

If you are a writer who specializes in any editorial job application for editing, this resume will be the best choice for you. This resume will completely display the job highlight and career advancement for the past years. The document is also enough for any job application for editing.

With those ideas, you will get the satisfaction of a freelancer’s resume without any difficulties. You can select one of the best resumes that are suitable for your job position so that you have to pay attention to the details skills and experience properly.



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