Things to Consider before Writing Online Teacher Cover Letter (Added with Sample)

With the continuation of the pandemic, online classes are still conducted all over the world. The need for online teachers is also increasing to support the teaching and learning process. Education institutions such as schools until private tutoring need more teachers as the demand for learning from home is getting bigger. If want to be an online teacher, there are few things to prepare from the needed skills until the way to write a professional online teacher cover letter. You will read the needed information in this article so don’t miss it.

Benefits of Being an Online Teacher

Though it seems hard at times, being an online teacher gives some benefits. The first is flexibility. An online teacher can do their work from everywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. No more going somewhere that can take up the time as you can do it at home and it saves time. This way, you can take more classes. With numerous teaching platforms, another benefit is teaching online is more effective. It is not all about books, pencils, and board. You can use interactive games, video conference, or a video or song for teaching online.

Needed Skills for an Online Teacher

Before sending the online teacher cover letter, check these crucial skills you need to have. The most needed skill is communication. Teaching online can be difficult as you don’t meet the students directly and it leads to misunderstanding when delivering the lesson. It is very important. Next is patience. Students can get slower to understandthe lesson so the teacher needs to be more patient and always makes sure that the students are in the track. An online teacher also needs to have good time management. With many pressures in preparing the lesson until checking the students’ work, you need proper time management so everything meets the deadline.

Sample of Online Teacher Cover Letter

If you assure you have all the skills needed, the next thing you need to do is by writing an online teacher cover letter. Below is a sample that can be as your reference.

Dear Mr. Patrick,

With this letter, I am applying to your private education institution, Meaningful Learning, as an English online teacher. I believe I can be a great candidate for your institution.

I have been teaching for nearly eight years and my students are coming from a wide range of levels from young learners to adults. I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees majoring in English Education from XYZ University. Thus, I believe the knowledge I have gotten during my study and my experience will be beneficial. I have been actively joining seminars related to online teaching and I cannot wait to share the knowledge I have in teaching the students online.

As the institution name suggests, I believe that meaningful learning is the best solution for teaching students. I always find a way to relate the students’ experience and skills to the learning lesson so it will be easier for the students to grasp the lesson. I have no problem in working individually or in a team.

You can contact me at 345-567-789 for the interview. Thank you.



Jenny Lawrence

We hope the online teacher cover letter above inspires you in writing a professional cover letter.



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