Writing a General Worker Cover Letter Properly

People are applying to new jobs every day. The first thing when an individual is letting the employer knows about his/her ‘existence’ is by sending a cover letter. Everyone has a different style of writing a cover letter and each job requires different requirements. A general worker is one of the jobs that need excellent requirements in doing the general work. While some people might know about what a general worker is, others might not have any idea about this job. Here, you will read information about general workers and how to specifically write a general worker cover letter properly.

What is General Worker?

The term refers to an employee who does a physical job that is mostly related to cleaning, doing the maintenance, moving stuff, and many more. General workers are found in many sectors but usually, it is in the construction sector or factories. The responsibilities include specific tasks like transporting the vehicle or simply take the instruction from the supervisors.

How to Write a General Worker Cover Letter

The basic general worker cover letter is the same as a cover letter for any other job. It has to include the personal information of the sender like the introduction, the contact number, and the highlighted skill in the beginning. It continues with more detailed information on the abilities, skills, and achievements. Sell yourself good to the employer. The cover letter can add information in working experience and education. Usually, the lists start with the latest experience or education to the oldest.

Sample of General Worker Cover Letter

After knowing the format, the general worker cover letter below can be a reference for you if you are planning to write one.

Dear Mr. Kendrik Harrison,

I am writing this letter to apply for a job in your building factory as a General Worker. I have read that the factory is hiring from the newspaper and I believe that I can be a great fit for the position.

Working as a laborer for nearly two years before, I have a good understanding of the skill that the general worker should have. I am meticulous in my work as I have dealt with being a general worker in the construction sector in my previous work. I can understand the instructions quickly and do the job only by observing people. Being a general worker can get very busy so I am sure I can do a good job because of my multi-tasking skill.

You will know that I am capable of the job as I have assigned a wide range of responsibilities, from cleaning the construction site from the debris, transporting some types of vehicles like a dump truck, front loader, and bulldozer, and delivering the messages or important letter. You can assign me any responsibility and I will do a good job in it. You can also put me in a team or work individually. Both will not be a problem for me.

With this letter, I enclose the CV which displays the detailed information about my working experience and the relevant skills for the job. I believe I can be the right person for the position in your factory. I can be reached at 222-333-444. Thank you for the consideration.



Robert George


The general worker cover letter above is brief but explains important points that need to be made. Hopefully, it helps you to get more idea about the letter.



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