10+ Firearm Bill of Sale Template General Facts

In the event that you are taking part in a firearm transaction, it is crucial to manage firearm bill of sale. Never underestimate such a paperwork because it can lead to legal problems. If you fail to address such a paperwork and documentation, you may violate the law.

Firearm Bill of Sale Understanding

It is a written legal document that manages the sale and record of the firearm transaction. It is considered a crucial documentation in the firearm management. The document contains the information of seller and also buyer, the firearm details, the sale location and price, and such thing alike. It signifies the moment when the firearm ownership is being transferred from the seller to the buyer.

The firearm bill of sale includes FFL or Federal Firearms License, which is given to gun businesses and shops allowing them to manufacture, sell, and transport ammunition and also firearms in America. The FFL has to follow the rigid regulations and procedures and it includes background checks so the buyers can buy the firearms.

Composing the Paperwork

In firearm bill of sale management, you will need a certain paperwork so the seller can register the firearm and the transaction. The paperwork is generally already provided in a certain format and layout – you only need to download or save the template. So, how do you manage the arrangement?

  • You need to consult a reliable source or website having the complete collections of such a template.
  • Download and the print the papers – make sure to have the complete formats – so you can finalize the transaction.
  • Each party involved in the transaction should be identified and recorded. Each of the seller and the buyer should be recorded in details, including the ID, the name, the address, and also the photo. Make sure that each party should be written in details so it will avoid mistakes or possible legal problems in the future.
  • After the completion of the details of the seller and also the buyer, you need to complete the details of the firearm and the transaction. Such information such as the firearm make, year of production, type or production, caliber, serial number, and such thing alike should be included in another section of the paperwork.
  • After all of the information has been included and written in details, each of the party should sign the disclosure. Before signing the paperwork, it is important to check the details. Even after the signature, everything should be checked properly.
  • It would be better if the process of the transaction is witnessed by two people and a public notary. It is a crucial step to verify everything.


All in all, such a documentation shouldn’t be missed or skipped. In fact, this is an important step in firearm transaction that will determine whether the transaction is legal or not. It does take time to handle everything and the entire management, but it is worth the time. In most cases, it may take up to 2 weeks to complete everything, including the paperwork and the overall management firearm bill of sale.

Download Template

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