10+ Server Resume Template for the Professional Setting

If you are looking for a professional career in the food service industry, be sure that you know the right format for your server resume. Although the resume is claimed to be one of the most flexible types available, you still have to know the right format or structure so it can make you look professional. It can be an added point on your part, you know? So, what should you know about this type of resume and what elements should be included in it?


The Things about Perfect Resume

As it was mentioned before, the server resume is one of the most flexible type of resume with various options of approaches and tweaking. Using the Student resume template should do or you can also use the maintenance resume if the job includes managing and taking after the establishment (the restaurant).

However, despite the types of resumes you use, there are some crucial steps to do:

  • You should mention any skill, including the interpersonal ones, that you have. You will have to deal with a lot of different types of people as customers, and the unruly ones are always possible
  • Mention any knowledge or skills that are related to the food handling.
  • The same thing also goes to the knowledge of food and beverage. You should mention about it. This will likely related to customer service when customers ask you about the food pairings and such thing alike. You would be an added point if you can answer the questions in the most satisfying manner.

The Included Information

You can always consult the template if you want to make a professional outcome. But then again, you should know what kind of information would be perfect to include there and which should be avoided. You can always use the simple template for the resume but you can also use the catering template because you will have to provide such info like:

  • The organizational skill, which enables you to work together in a team with other people. If you have the skill to track and manage the restaurant inventory, it would be considered invaluable
  • The ability to maintain cool and calm manner. Restaurants are the fast-paced businesses – it is so easy to get stressed out or lose your head during the chaotic situation. If you maintain to keep your composure, it would be a bonus
  • If you have previous or past experience in the industry, you should also mention it in your resume. It can be a good additional point too.

How to Manage the Resume

This is some handy tips that can help you survive in the industry:

  • The highlights. In this section, you should list the responsibilities and skills, such as the knowledge about the menu, efficiency, food service, and up-selling
  • The success story, such as customer feedback, additional duties, or the ability to keep up with the change

There are tons of beneficial and educational resumes out there – you only need to figure it out. With the right server resume template, not only you can make yourself look professional but you can also nail the job successfully.

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