School Application to Getting The Dreamed University

For the student, sending a letter of school applicationĀ can be a good idea, especially when they want to continue their study in the specific university that they want. Well, this letter is also known as a cover letter. As its name, the letter is used to introduce who the student is.

In common, this letter will be written by a student that stays in 12 grade of senior high school. However, the freshly graduate also could make this letter during the process of looking for a new university. Of course, since it is a formal document, they need to know how to make it.


Is Writing The School Application Important?

Of course, for the student, writing an application letter is needed and it is quite important. As we have said before, this letter is applied to introduce who the student is. Through this letter, the admission committee could know well the profile of the student before they join the university.

On another hand, this letter also could be a way to show the potential and skills of the students. Through the detailed explanation of the skills and potential, the chance to be applied in the chosen university will be bigger and a student could reach his or her dream easily.

How to Write a Good School Application?

To make a good school application letter, these are some steps to be followed. The steps are:

  • Begin by addressing the school application letter to the committee
  • Use a personal and formal salutation
  • Introduce self clearly
  • State the purposes of applying the letter
  • Close the letter formally
  • Enclose requested application document

Tips to Make School Application Letter

These are also some tips that you need to consider when you want to make a perfect school application letter. Since this letter is a formal document, using the exact format of the letter is needed. Here, you may try to find a template of the application letter.

Then, write the data of the letter clear. Of course, the data should be based on facts and it should be written with a formal and professional tone. Avoid using ambiguous words. Besides, push yourself to make only a page of the paper letter.

Sample of School Application

Dear Mr. Poulsen

It is with a high enthusiasm that I send my application for admittance into the Art Institute. I am currently staying on a senior at George Academy and will graduate in the spring. I have researched kinds of various art programs in NYC and finally find that your institution is the best plan to choose.

My interest in art, especially interior design, revealed itself when I am three years old. I spent countless hours decorating the Christmas tree for my family using kinds of different materials.

Then, in high school, I follow the art community and join with some art competitions on a different level. My highest achievement is when I become the school representative at the international art competition in Paris. Through this letter, I attach a copy of its certificate.

I close this letter with a recommendation from my school. Hopefully, it could be another consideration for you. Thank you for your attention.



That is all about the school applicationĀ letter. Make it best to get a better chance for joining the dreamed university.



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