Resignation With Regret for Supervisor

Even if you enjoy and love your job, however, for a certain time, for some reasonable reasons, you may need to leave it. Of course, leaving a lovely job is not an easy thing to do. That is why the letter of resignation with regret could be an instrument to show your expression.

Well, through this letter, you may state the detailed reasons why you need to leave your lovely job. Besides, you also could arrange some sentences to build unforgettable moments with the supervisor and co-worker, so the communication could be continued after the resignation.


What Does Resignation With Regret Mean?

A resignation is known as a document that is written to notify the supervisor and employer about the decision to leave the job. Through this letter, an employee could formalize their departure from the job. Besides, both printed or mailed letters could be chosen to send it.

Another thing to be known about a resignation letter is it includes in a formal document. Through its kind, writing a resignation letter should follow the standard format of a business letter. An employee also needs to use a professional tone in delivering resignation messages.

What to Include Inside Resignation With Regret?

These are some matters to be included when an employee wants to make a regret resignation letter. In general, the resignation letter should include several points, as:

  • An intent to resign
  • Information about the last day of employment
  • An offer to assist the replacement during the transition when it is relevant
  • Contact information of the employee

What to Do in Creating a Resignation With Regret Letter?

Since the resignation letter is a formal document, it is nice when you try to find a proper template of the letter. The proper template will ease you to arrange the detailed information that you want to state through the letter.

On another hand, using a professional tone and formal writing style is also important. These writing strategies will show the seriousness of you. Then, avoid using any ambiguous words inside the letter and push yourself to make only a page resignation letter.

Sample of Resignation With Regret Letter

Dear Mr. Jansen

Through this letter, I regretfully inform you about my resignation from my position as a manager of The Double Company. With my family move to California next month, I cannot keep this job. My last day of work will be August 1, 2011. I truly regret that I must leave my position, as I have learned many things here.

I will also notify my team members about the resignation. Of course, before my leaving, I will transfer the responsibilities as much as possible. When it is possible, I also will finish the unfinished project before the leaving date.

Once again, thank you for all matters that you gave to me. When you need more information, please feel free to call me at (999) 161-1111.



Well, that is all about the resignation with regret letter that you need to know. The letter should be sent at least two weeks before the final date, so the management could prepare the replacement.




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