A Guide for Parents to Write Leave Application Letter

There are times that students have to take some time off from school with any plausible reasons obviously. Parents or guardians need to handle this thing well to inform the school that their children need to have some time off of school by sending a leave application letter. The absence without any clear reasonwill have a bad impact to the students’ academic and school life itself. This is where the parents have to take a step up to take care of the matter.

How to Ask for a Leave?

A leave application letter is not limited for students but it can also be used for the leave letter from the office. Basically, when an individual is informing the authority party that s/he cannot come to school or workplace, this leave letter is needed as the notice. Later in this article, you will be reading a leave application letter in the school context. The format of writing a leave letter is similar for whoever is writing it and it is started by intention of having some time off, completed with the reasons. For parents, usually it is needed to mention the name and class of the student. The letter has to be concise and formal with mentioning the length of the absence.

Reasons for Leave Application Letter

The leave letter for students is usually sent by the parents to the institution. Numerous common reasons for parents to send the letter are attending the relatives’ marriages or burial, going out of town, having a rest because of sick, picking up or accompanying family at the airport, or many other reasons. It is usually family-related matter that cannot be avoided.

Format of Leave Application Letter Sent by Parents

Below is the format of leave application letter sent to the school to inform a student’s absence because of the health issue.

Dear Mrs. White,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the leave absence of my daughter, Kelly Reign, a student of grade eight in Class 8B in West White School for 6 days. Kelly is enrolled in Mrs. Nadya’s class. Kelly will be absent from 7 October until 12 October 2017.

We are going to United Arab Emirates to visit the marriage occasion of my husband’s close relatives. We have no relatives or trustable day care to take care of our daughter for several days. We hope for your understanding.

Regarding the school’s assignments due to first week of October, Kelly has completed it and we have sent privately to Mrs. Nadya along with this letter. We understand that West White School has school policy for the 4 days for students’ maximum absence in a month but we ask for your cooperation as we have to have more than 12 hours flight and it is an avoidable occasion to miss for our family.

We are bringing Kelly’s notebook so that she can keep up with the lesson for each day and we have asked for permission to Mrs. Nadya to compile the assignment that Kelly needed to do. We also want to thank Mrs. Nadya for the help. If there is any further discussion about Kelly’s absence, please feel free to contact me at 987-654-321 or at brendareign@email.com.



Brenda Reign

We hope the leave application letter above can help you in writing an absence letter for your children.



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