Claiming Unemployment Insurance with an NJ Unemployment Appeal Letter

When you and some of your coworkers are laid off from your workplace, you will need to make an appeal letter to get your unemployment benefits. You can send your appeal by email or register online on the website your state has provided. However, there is a chance that your appeal gets denied, you can try to write a letter to prove that you deserve to accept the benefits. Every state has its own procedure, and so the state of New Jersey. Here, we will provide some information about NJ Unemployment Appeal Letter.


New Jersey’s UI (Unemployment Insurance)

The state of New Jersey provides unemployment insurance to all workers who lose their jobs who did not do any fault by their own. It has its own eligibility requirements that you should provide to apply it. You can claim your benefits up to 26 weeks in a one-year period.

How to Apply and Check your Unemployment Insurance

You can file a claim online through If you have already filed your appeal, you can also check it there.

Keys to make a good NJ Unemployment appeal letter

Check the requirements stated in the website or you can contact the unemployment compensation board. If your claim was denied by false accusation of your employer, make sure you have the evidences to prove that you have no fault regarding the reason you quit from your job.

Sample of a good and simple NJ Unemployment Appeal Letter

Here is a simple reference of unemployment appeal letter by a worker whose claim was denied by the false accusation made by the employer. She asked for a hearing so she can have her right to claim her unemployment benefit. Do not forget to add your name, address, phone number, and social security number to the letter before you start writing the paragraphs of the letter.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Carla L. Gibson and I received a letter which stated the denial of my unemployment compensation which recorded as case #1111111 on July 23, 2021. The letter informed me that my employer stated that I quit voluntarily and abandoned my work often.

I can give some proofs that the accusation is false. My coworkers and I were laid off from ABC Company because of the economic crisis during this pandemic situation on June 21, 2021.  We were paid only half a month salary as compensation.

Because of this false accusation, I politely request an unemployment hearing to prove that it is wrong. I will be able to provide that the statement by my employer is far from the truth and I can get my rights to claim my unemployment insurance. Please reconsider my case as I believe that I have the right to be awarded unemployment benefits provided by the state of New Jersey.



Carla L. Gibson


That is all you need to know about NJ Unemployment Appeal Letter. For further updated information, you may need to check this website below.  Good luck!


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