Missionary Acceptance Letter With Example You Can Implement

It is possible for a particular organization to decide whether the best candidate to join its upcoming event. A missionary acceptance letter helps to inform one or some of the candidate who has been qualified for the selection of some event. If the organization cannot qualify all of the applicants, then the best way to do is to choose one or some of them who are suit the best with the condition. After the decision is made, an acceptance letter should be addressed to the qualified candidate.


What Is A Missionary Activity?

It is a Christian mission where the activity is under church supervision. The activities commonly sending a group of people to a certain area where they can spread their tenet or teach ideas. The activity is also possible to provide a service toward underdeveloped areas or somewhere impacted by a disaster. They may conduct an event that can support the people surround and help them in their desperation. The activity can be through education, economic development, health care, social justice, etc.

How To Write A Good Missionary Acceptance Letter?

In writing this letter, you should know about the important things. There are some aspects to support your letter. Here is the guide:

Use Formal Language

It also means that you should pay close attention to grammar and spelling in the letter.

Make It Simple

The letter should not be too long (three paragraphs is perfect) as long as the point is conveyed perfectly in the letter.

Provide Any Other Detail

Including all the detail such as greeting, the information about an upcoming event that should the candidate knows to handle.

What Is The Goal Of Missionary?

The main goal of a missionary is to teach about the Christian faith. Therefore, the selection of the candidate is important to make the missionary significant. At least, a missionary’s main responsibility is to God, then to the church or the missionary’s agency.

An Example Of Missionary Acceptance Letter

Here is an example that may help you to understand this letter.

Dear Ms. Famine,

I am pleased to let you know that you have been accepted as the new member of the C Missionary Agency. Your application, combined with the letter of recommendation from your pastor and practice during our interview, led us to believe that you will be a wonderful addition to our dedicated program of serving the Lord with us. As you know, our organization sends its members all over the world to serve our brothers and sisters. Our next project will be a trip to Arba Minch on May 1, 2011.

Attached to this letter, you will find an information pack and membership forms. Please complete the forms and return them to us by no later than January 15, 2011, in order to secure your place on our Arba Minch journey. If you have any questions, please contact me at (123)-1231234 or landchristian@gmail.com.

Our missionaries report that our projects are truly wonderful, life-changing, and serve to draw them closer to God. We hope that you will experience the same and look forward to serving alongside you. Thank you for joining us at C Missionary Agency.


Christian B. Land
C Missionary

At last, we hope the missionary acceptance letter above is useful for you. Feel free to edit the example. Good luck!



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