Teacher resignation letter to parents and its great sample 

When you are a teacher, you usually will communicate with the parents on the regular basis to keep them up to date especially for the progress and happenings. Moreover, if you want to end up to resign your position, you need to arrange a Teacher resignation letter to parents that will help you to continue the trend relationship.


What is the item to include in a teacher resignation letter to parents?

To write this Teacher resignation letter to parents design, you need to arrange it with a formal written. You also have to inform them about your intentions and who will be replacing you to teach the students. Therefore, it will be a professional source that all teachers should observe.

How to write a teacher resignation letter to parents

This Teacher resignation letter to parent format is not too difficult to arrange. This letter can be addressed by either each individual set of parents or collectively address everyone in a template. Here are some ideas to include in your template:

  • You can start by letting the parents know that you will no longer resign
  • You can make a fast introduction of your replacement teacher if it is applicable
  • You also can tell them that they probably will contact you before you leaving if they have any questions

Tips to arrange a Teacher resignation letter to parents 

Besides, you also will need some tips to make your Teacher resignation letter to parent ideas impressive. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • You have to assure the parents that you happy working with their children and will miss them greatly
  • Remember to say thank you to the parents for their understanding
  • End your template by signing off with your best wishes

The sample of a teacher resignation letter to parents 

To facilitate your writing this template, you can read the Teacher resignation letter to the parent sample. This sample will guide you to arrange the proper letter without any difficulties.

This is an example:

Dear parents,

This letter will let you all know that I will be resigning from my position as teacher of the first grade at Happy Day Elementary for five weeks from now, on June 1, 2015. I will be moving with my family to low this summer because of my husband’s work situation. I will miss all of you and your wonderful children.

Ms. Andrew Hills will be replacing me as your children’s teachers. She is a qualified elementary school teacher in whom I have every confidence. I also trust her that she can do a fine job shepherding the children and that you will all love her. She will be introducing herself to you as well and in the meantime. If you have any questions, please contact me. My telephone number will be remaining at (666) 888 999

Your children have all touched my heart greatly and I will regret that I have to leave them. I wish to have the opportunity to speak to each and every one of your personality before my resignation comes into effect. Thank you for your time and effort. 

Yours sincerely, 


Elena Gomez

Mrs. Elena G. Gomez 

1st grade, Happy Day Elementary School

That is all about the Teacher’s resignation letter to parents. The sample will help you to arrange this template well so that it is easy to read for the parents as well.


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