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Everything to Consider Before Creating Two Week Notice Letter Template

Do you ever hear about the notice letter? Now, Let’s talk about a two-week notice letter template! Well, sometimes you feel bored with work or already feel that there are no challenges in your work. Or you have family problems that make you decide to resign from your current company.

In order for your reputation to remain good in the eyes of the old company and the new company, of course, your reasons for resigning from your job must be logical, mature, and acceptable to various parties. Immediately, see all the explanations below!

The general view about two-week notice

In addition to a one month notice, there is also a two-weeks’ notice, which is a notification of resignation two weeks in advance. Compared to the one-month prior notice, this two-week notification is more “sudden”, and may be rejected by the company.

Unless your reasons for leaving were really urgent and quite logical for the company. For example, because of illness, family matters, your new workplace needs you as soon as possible, and so on.

If your reason is not included in your resignation letter, you must explain it at the time of submitting it, or if asked by your boss. That way, as much as possible you leave your workplace with a good relationship that is still maintained. So, consider those things before thinking of a two-week notice letter template!

Things to avoid in making two-week notices

An immature decision

The first thing you have to avoid is, don’t submit a resignation letter if you are still not sure about your decision. Including, if your goal is just a salary that is better than now.

If that’s the case, you can start first by discussing with your boss, if there might be a way out other than resigning.

Vandalizing the other party

Next, don’t badmouth anyone in your resignation letter. Surely you don’t want to add “enemies” after leaving the company, right?

Then, don’t forget to express your gratitude for all the good things you got from the workplace. Whether it’s the treatment of each person or any existing learning.

Proud of a new job

Don’t brag about your job at your new place, and tell the truth during the interview, your reasons for leaving the company.

Do not double-check

Finally, don’t forget to check and reread your resignation letter. This is of course very important and even obligatory for you to do. Why? So that the letter is as effective as possible, and does not hurt anyone.

Well, based on those explanations, it means that when making a two-week notice letter template, you must avoid some points that have been explained above.


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