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The Importance Of Business Letterhead Template


A business letterhead template can have multiple roles in a company document. Letterhead is a design in the header or footer of a letter with a small space. The existence of letterheads replaces letterhead and makes letters or documents look more formal and professional. Apart from letters, letterheads are also commonly used on invoices, notices, meetings, inter-departmental statements, tendering legal announcements, or providing business-related information.

Business Letterhead Template Functions

Branding is essential in developing a business. Branding sees from the product quality, type, and company identity in the product or service provided. Including how professionally the company handles small matters related to administration. An orderly and neat administration will look more professional and trusted by customers or investors. One of them is the use of business letterhead, although it seems trivial, this letterhead has an important role.

  1. Identity

A letterhead usually designed with a logo and company name attached. So it is clear that the letterhead shows a company’s identity because every document or product issued must have a company logo. The letterhead also functions as branding. The more often people see the company logo in the letterhead, the more it will be remembered.

  1. Authenticity

A good company is one that is capable of correctly managing every detail. Including letterheads, with a business letterhead template, investors or clients will have more confidence that their business handled professionally.

  1. Visual Interest

Business letterhead design is essential for companies. It also means that the letterhead has a visual interest function. The letterhead design must be well thought out, including in choosing the color, design, template, and size of the logo to be included.

  1. Contact Information

A letterhead also contains information about company information such as company logo and name, telephone number, e-mail, office address, and website address. So that by looking at the letterhead, clients or investors can quickly contact your company.

  1. Marketing Tools

Because a letterhead is a corporate identity, the letterhead also doubles as a marketing tool. It is to build company branding so that more people will know about it. The better the branding, the more people’s trust in the company’s products or services will increase.

Guideline To Make Business Letterhead Template

To make a good and professional letterhead, you must use the standard format in designing the letterhead. A letterhead is usually created at 900px by 1000px in size. To make the design look clear, the minimum resolution for a letterhead is 300 dpi, at the very least. You are free to use a letterhead template and place it on the right, left, or center. But the format most often used is the easily-centered layout. Some other tips for making your business letterhead look professional, namely that you can make a letterhead design with a combination of two or three colors. You can even combine bold colors to give your design a bold and optimistic look. It is advisable to place the company logo at the top of the letterhead. In order not to be boring, you can make a striking header using a geometric shape.

business letterhead Design Ideas

business letterhead Ideas

Create a modern business letterhead template to show that your business is trustworthy. These details can attest to the professionalism of your work.





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