Useful Guidance in Writing Notice of Termination Letter

Sometimes an employer has to come with a  decision to stop the contract with an employee. While the decision is fully on the employer’s side, there are several things that have to be done to avoid the misunderstanding between the two parties. After all, the employee has been a part of the company before the termination happens. Thus, the terminating contract has to be done in a professional way to respect the employee as well as keep the company reputation, and one method to do that is by sending a notice of termination letter. In this article, you will read what the termination letter is and what reasons are behind the termination contract, plus its sample to be your reference. So, don’t miss out.

What is Notice of Termination Letter?

Basically, it is the formal notice to terminate the contract with an individual that is sent by the employer. The letter has to be brief, professional, and precise. Usually, a notice of termination letter is completed with a company logo or heading to show that it is a formal letter released by the company. It is started with the decision and the last effective day for the employee to go to work. Address the issue as why the decision has to be taken.

Reasons to Terminate Employee’s Contract

There are numerous reasons why an employer terminates an individual’s contract. The first is because of the possession of drug in the office. It is illegal and it has no reason for an employee to use it in the workplace environment. Second, stealing company’s property or important data. There is no way an employee can run away from this as stealing can be categorized as a criminal action and moreover if it belongs to the company’s property. The last is using unreasonable time off of work. If an employee takes absence more than the vacation days plan, there is a plausible reason for the employer to terminate the contract. This action alone can disrupt the work flow in the company.

Writing a Notice of Termination Letter

Here is a sample of an employer who sends anotice of termination letter to an employee who takes absence more than he should have and it affects the work of all members in the office.

Dear Mr. Reynold,

Following the meeting with Board Member last week, we decided to write this letter as a notice of termination letter as effective 15 March, 2012.

It is unfortunate for us to come to this decision but we cannot tolerate your absence in the office for any longer. We have the report that you have been absent for nearly 20 days in the following two months without any clear reason. We have discussed it with you to change the situation as it affects the work flow in the office as you held the position of the Assistant Manager. However, the situation does not change for any better. Many projects, with you as the project leader, are being on hold because of your absence. The result is threeimportant clients decide to cancel the work with our company because of the unclear prospect of the project.

The final payment will be paid in few days. You can return all the company belongings in the last effective day and we thank you for your work all this time being and if you have any questions, please contact me at 123-345-567.



McRoger Dunkin

The notice of termination letter above is brief and professional at the same time addressing the issue well. Hope this article helps you in getting to know more about the termination letter.


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