A Professional Guidance to Send Job Resignation Letter and its Sample

In the industry, it is a common practice that an individual decides to resign from the workplace. When it is happening, submitting aresignation letter is the proper way to do to inform the employer about your decision. It is a professional way to show to the company that you have good intention to make things going well in the company until the end of your career there. In this article, you will read information about how to write a job resignation letter in professional way, or if you are still considering to resign, here are some alternatives before sending the letter to your employer.

Should You Really Resign?

Resigning is always one big decision to take, especially when an employee is treated badly in the workplace. If this situation happens and you consider what to do, let’s take a look at some alternatives before thejob resignation letter arrives in your boss’ desk. First, discuss with your employer or anyone who has the authority about your problem. Try to talk it out and find some solutions that can help you. You can also talk to worker union if there is no progress from the meeting with the employer directly. Explain the situation and ask for help to the union to arrange the mediation. After all, there are a lot of things need to consider before terminating the working with the company.

How to Send a Job Resignation Letter Properly

If the situation cannot be solved and you come to the final decision, at least you need to write the job resignation letter in a proper way. It shows that you are mature and professional in handling the matter even until the end of the career. It is also a good way to show gratitude over the opportunity given to work in the company. Below is the example of a job resignation letter that is sent by an employee who decides to resign because he received the unfair treatment in the company from the employer.

Dear Mrs. Rekha,

This letter is to inform you of my resignation from the XYZ Company, and please accept this as the two weeks’ notice of resignation. I thank you for the opportunity given to me to be an employee in this company.

While I have met many great people and gained valuable experience here, it is unfortunate that I could not stay any longer because of the unfair treatment I have received from the Assistant Manager. I have been excluded from all the projects I joined before because of the unknown reasons. In the discussion held between all the responsible parties, I could not accept the reason that I was incapable of doing my job. I proved myself over the years in this company and I had chosen as the best employee for several times under the assistance of former Assistant Manager.

I will always be grateful to the experience, lesson, and opportunity from XYZ Company. I also want to thank you for the assistance during all the time I am here. Thank you for the consideration.




Atkins Jordy

The job resignation letter above is written concisely, based on fact and in a professional and formal tone. We hope this article helps you in writing the resignation letter.



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