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How to Create a Use Case Template Sample

A use case template sample is helpful when a system is going to be run by the users. It can describe the system well and how the users need to run them to be effective.

When you are going to run a program or project, the use case template sample is there to help you do the project.  A use case is a document that can elaborate on the description of a system and the users.

The purpose of creating a use case is to describe the system which can tie the system of a business needs to the design parameters of it. It is to ensure the system can achieve specific established goals. It can help to explain how the system runs and to brainstorm what can go wrong in the process of the running system.


Use Case Template Sample

This use case template sample can help the project team to negotiate which functions can be the requirements and how they are built. Here’s how to make use of a sample case template:

1. How to make a use case template sample

By doing the steps below, you can create your template easily. They are:

  • The users of the program need to be identified. Identification of the users will help you to develop the template.
  • After you know the users, you need to choose one of the users to create each template of use case.
  • Then, you define the users’ needs to run the program. You have to set each thing of the use, which can be done in the program into the use case template sample.
  • The description of the basic course should be stated in the use case. It is about the terms of what users do, and the system would respond to it.
  • You need to consider the alternative courses of the events if you’ve done the basic course description. It will extend the use case.
  • You need to look for the commonalities of the available use cases. By extracting those, you can note the use case’s common course.
  • If you’ve finished with one user, you can repeat the steps to create other use case templates for other users.

2. What should not be in a use case template sample?

You don’t have to put the things below in the template of use case. They are

  • The implementation of the specific language. The language used is the understandable language by the users of the template.
  • The details of the user interfaces should be not in it.


Those are the things you have to remember when you create a use case template sample. So, don’t waste time and start to create now.





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