10+ Graduation Card Template Example PSD Design


Graduation Card Template to Help You Express Your Congratulation

You can design an awesome graduation card using a downloadable and printable graduation card template. The template generally consists only of few elements, but the value of the card that you make from it could be as meaningful for its recipient as the diploma that they have just received. If you want to congratulate your family member, relative, friend, or beloved one, using a template will help you express your congratulation more meaningfully.

The Elements of a Graduation Card Template

As mentioned above, a graduation card template consists only of a few elements, but what are those elements and how do they make the card so meaningful? Here are the elements of a graduation card and their specific functions.

  1. Congratulatory Phrase

This phrase often makes up the title of the card and is usually located at the top. This element of the graduation card template usually consists only of one “congratulation” word, but may also contain multiple words, such as “happy graduation” or “congratulations for your graduation.” When you download a template, you may simply leave this element as it is and you don’t need to edit it.

  1. Illustration

Because a picture says what a thousand words say, having a nice-looking illustration on your card is mostly necessary. A graduation card template usually includes this element as a decorative element that makes the card even more eye-catching.

  1. Quotation

A graduation card template may also contain some inspiring quotes, which give a deeper meaning to the piece of card that you design. Graduates generally love to read something meaningful and inspiring on the congratulatory card that they receive from their peers. The quotes that are written on the template often become a determining factor for people like you to decide which template is the best.

  1. The Recipient’s Name

Perhaps, this is the only element of a graduation card template that you have to edit. Open the downloaded template in a word processing application and then fill the specified field with the recipient’s name.

How to Give the Card?

After you are done with the editing, there are several ways to give the card to your recipient. The most usual and traditional way is to print the card on a piece of paper (preferably cardstock paper) and then give it to your recipient. You can also send the card by mail if the distance becomes a problem. The easiest way today, when everyone is using smartphones, is to publish your graduation card template on social media and to allow your recipient to see it digitally.

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