5+ Cleaning Schedule Template Sample


Creating Your Home Cleaning Schedule Template Sample


Now, making a schedule of cleaning is not that hard. You can start to use the cleaning schedule template sample to manage the timetable for everyone.

If you are planning to do a general cleaning to your home, this is the right time for you to use the cleaning schedule template sample. This template can help you manage the activities you have to do in cleaning your home as well as the persons in charge.


Cleaning Schedule Template Sample Covers The Time and The List of Cleaning 

When planning a bunch of cleaning activities, you may get difficult to start the sections. What you have to do and when, as well as who can do it, will arise in your mind. If you experience this kind of thing, you need to sit for a while, then download a cleaning schedule template sample.

This template covers many things you have to examine, like the time, the list of activities, and the persons in charge to execute them.

1. What is included in the cleaning schedule template sample?

The template of the cleaning schedule consists of the lists of chores you have to do, the time columns to manage the day, as well as the duration, the persons in charge to do the tasks. There will be a column to check whether the chores are done or not.

2. Steps to Start Filling Up A Cleaning Schedule

  • The length of cleaning schedule

You can start to fill up the template by determining the period of time you need to do the cleaning. It can be a week, biweekly, or a month.

  • Determine the task

After knowing how long you will do it, you can start to list the jobs you will do in the general cleaning.


  • Frequency of the chores

It is about to repeat the cleaning activities in specific rooms. Determine whether you need to do certain actions of cleaning frequently.


  • Create particular tasks to a specific day

You may be quite busy during the weekdays, so you can start to consider the weekend to do the hard activities of cleaning.


  • Determine the person in charge

After deliberating all the steps above, you can determine the persons in charge to do specific cleaning activities.


  • List them in the template

The last step is to list what you’ve thought into the cleaning schedule template sample. Then, stick it out on the visible area for your family.


Using the cleaning schedule template sample can be useful to avoid the fightings of the persons in charge of doing the tasks. You can use it regularly as the activities for your family.



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