A simple Guide On Writing An Art Teacher Recommendation Letter

An art teacher recommendation letter is written by colleagues, professors, church leaders, or friends who know the applicants’ skills. Typically,  employers often ask for a recommendation letter for people who are involved with the applicants in the same field. They don’t want a recommendation letter from family as it can be biased. In this article, you might be asked by someone to write him or her a letter. If you are new to this matter, you can read the following detail.


Why Is The Art Teacher Recommendation Letter Needed?

Even though this letter is not the main thing that makes someone get hired, it is very useful for the employer. The reference letter for employers can be used to gain more insight into the candidate’s capabilities and background. When a solid-recommendation letter is written, it will provide information for the employers. The following is a list of the recommendation letter’s functions:


The art teacher recommendation letter can act as an endorsement. The letter is typically written by someone close and worked with the candidate. Besides, to make the letter more powerful, the recommendation letter should be followed with the background of the writer.


Usually, a recommendation letter writer will write the qualifications of the candidate that supports him/her as a good one to get hired.  It needs to mention the strengths, the duration of the partnership in the previous work or projects, achievements, or event an award.


An art teacher recommendation letter needs a new perception from a person who worked with him or her. It is the second opinion why the candidate is a perfect one for the company or institution.

The Sample Of Art Teacher Recommendation Letter

Dear Dr. Sulivan,

I am very pleased to recommend Ms. Hannah as the new art teacher at Sandiego School. I believe that she has an outstanding skill according to her record during her service as an internship in my class (6th Grade) last year. 

Ms. Hannah is a hardworking person who loves learning something new. During her service, he was excellent at designing the curriculum, lesson plan, and also teaching media. The best thing about her is she has a strong passion for kids which she even spent some of her time after school teaching students art.

Ms. Hannah has finished her degree at XYZ University. Besides, she also has passed the teaching programs and got her certificate. Last year after she has returned to university after serving as an internship in our school, she was awarded as the best intern for developing excellent progress.

Therefore, if Ms. Hannah gets accepted into this school, I would love to discuss many things about my class. Besides, I am sure she will bring a lot of contribution to the art subject in our school.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely


Erika R.D

Art Teacher of 6th Grade

We hope our a simple guide about art teacher recommendation letter helps you.

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