Full Guidance in Writing a Retirement Announcement Letter

There is time when an individual has to come to the end of the career and decide to retire from the workplace. When someone decides to retire, there are things that s/he needs to do in order to keep the work goes smoothly. Among all the things, one of them is sending a retirement announcement letter to the employer. This formal letter acts as a notice of the retirement. Basically, the letter is similar to resignation letter when you inform the date of the last effective day inside the letter.

The retirement letter has to be written with proper format and formal tone that is free from misspelling and grammatical errors. If you are considering to write a retirement announcement letter, these are things you need to do aside of writing the letter and you will find some information regarding the retirement.

When does Employee Retire?

There is a specific rule that each company has regarding the time for employee retirement, although mostly it would take for an employee to be around 60 to 65 years old. Usually, the retirement takes place after the employee meets the business’ need of a company or an organization. The matter of retirement is usually discussed in the beginning of the job acceptance and it is written in the contract. However, if the employee plans to do early retirement, s/he needs to discuss with the employer and prepare the solid reasons to back up the decision.

How to Write a Retirement Announcement Letter

As it is stated above that a retirement letter is a formal letter, there are things need to take caution. The format of the letter would be started with the notice of your retirement and completed with the last day of the effective working day. Resemble to the resignation letter, retirement would be a personal letter that shows the gratitude of joining the company during an individual’s career. In writing a retirement announcement letter, avoid using emotional words that are exaggerating the situation. Focus on the good points that have been achieved while having career there and the positive side of the company itself. Be genuine in writing the letter and it would be appreciated by the employer.

Sample of Retirement Letter

After knowing the format of retirement announcement letter, here is the sample of that can help you to get better idea of how the letter looks like.

Dear Mr. Martin,

It is unfortunate that with this letter I have sent my retirement letter.My last effective will be on 15 July, 2018. Please accept this letter as my two weeks prior notice. After 10 years of working in XYZ Primary School, I decided to spend the time with my family. I am honored to be a part of the company for many years.

I am thankful for the opportunity given to me to be as a teacher for the past following 10 years and I have met many wonderful colleagues and students. Being in front of the class transferring the knowledge and seeing the students graduating one by one with their achievement have touched my heart and I could never think of being in another job. I really enjoy being here.

I will miss the atmosphere of XYZ School and I would never forget of being a part of it. Once again, thank you for the assistance, help, and support. I wish the best for the XYZ School in the following years ahead.



Martha Kondo

The length of retirement announcement letter varies for each person. It can be longer than the sample above. Just show your gratitude and make sure it is sincere. Happy retirement.


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