Some Tips to Compose A Medical Assistant Resignation Letter and Its Sample

What do you know about a medical assistant? Medical assistant actually works to provide an administrative assistant in a hospital. They are also trained to do clinical measurements and help in emergency times. Their schedules are busy enough that maybe some of them want to resign. If you are part of the medical assistants who want to resign, you need to compose a medical assistant resignation letter to your employer. As a professional worker, this letter is important to show that you have a great manner and polite attitude. To know more about the medical resignation letter, read the following explanation and its sample.


What are things to be noticed if I decide to resign?

As you work in a hectic environment, there are some things that you need to notice if you decide to resign as a medical assistant. The first thing you should do is that you must discuss your decision with the hiring manager at the hospital. Do not let anyone know this news. It might affect your coworkers’ performance. Thus, you should talk to the management personally. After the date of resignation is fixed, you can show some clues to your coworkers related to your resignation issue. So, they will have time to adjust and adapt to the new situation.

What are the possible reasons to resign as a medical assistant?

Actually, there are some possible reasons to explain why you have to resign as a medical assistant. The first reason is that you have found a new job that suits you well in terms of time, costs, and energy. The next reason is that you have personal family issues. This is a strong reason to quit from hospital. You can also explain that you want to focus on pursuing a higher education level in another city or country. The last one is the tight schedules and hours in the hospital that makes you overwhelmed. In fact, there are still a lot of reasons that you can state in your medical assistant resignation letter. The most important thing is that you have to be polite and clear in your letter no matter how bad the reason is.

How should I write my medical assistant resignation letter?

Writing a letter of medical resignation is similar to the other resignation letter. You have to use formal language and polite terms. Remember that you should include a letterhead. After that, begin with a salutation and introduction. Then, mention your resignation reason politely and briefly. You do not need to break down the reason in detail, but keep it honest. Include your effective resignation day. Do not forget to add the closing statement that contains your wishes for the hospital and all the staff. The last is that you need to sign your letter and complete it with your full name.


Medical Assistant Resignation Letter Sample

Perhaps you are still confused about how to write the medical assistant resignation letter, so we provide you a sample of the resignation letter that you can read as guidance.

Dear Mr. Ariel,

It is with regret to notify you that I am planning to resign from my position as a medical assistant in Night Owl Hospital. Actually, it has been an incredible time to serve in the Medical Department for the past 5 years. My resignation is only because I want to pursue my Master’s degree in New York. Thus, it will make me move to the city and focus on my education.Hopefully that you are eager to understand my reason.My last day of service will be on March 9, 2021, that means two weeks from now. Please kindly accept my resignation letter as the official notification.

I am terribly sorry for the interference that I made due to my resignation issue to the Night Owl Hospital. I can guarantee that I am willing to help my coworkers in the medical assistant team and continue my last duties as best as possible. The transition period will be smooth that do not bother the team schedules for sure. I am also eager to share information related to my duties with the new medical assistant candidate. Then, please do not hesitate to reach me anytime related to my resignation issue or transition period at (999)-777-8888 or email me at I await for your response.

I want you to know that I enjoy my time during my years of service at Night Owl Hospital. There are a lot of improvements including knowledge and experience that I got in the medical assistant team. I also sincerely appreciate the efforts that you gave while I was in my training period. With my current skills that I got from working with you, I do believe that I would find my Master’s degree not as hard as I thought years ago.

I am sure that I will always feel blessed and thankful for the knowledge and experience that I have obtained during my work at Night Owl Hospital. I understand it will beneficial for my future. I cannot thank you enough for your teamwork and kindness to me. I sincerely hope that Night Owl Hospital will be continued to succeed in the next future.

I am going to always remember the time and attention that you gave to me. As it is my first job after graduation, I do value the knowledge and experience that I have gained from this hospital. Once again, thank you so much for providing me the chance to work with the other medical team at Night Owl Hospital and serve the patients. I ensure that I will always miss my coworkers and the patients who come to the hospital, but I also await the following chapter in my life.


Warm Regards,



David Noah


That is all about the brief explanation of writing a medical assistant resignation letter. We hope that it will give you inspiration to write the letter.


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