Things to Know in Writing A Counter Offer Acceptance Letter

Sometimes job applicants feel unsatisfied with the terms in the job offers. They want to change the initial compensation package that the hiring manager offers. The applicants usually want to receive a higher salary and also additional vacation days that they think they deserve. Then, they will send you a counter offer letter. What is a counter offer letter? A counter offer letter actually is a letter written by a job applicant which contains a new proposal for responding to the unsatisfactory job offers. As a hiring manager, you can consider their counter offers. If you agree with the terms written in the new proposal, you need to write a counter offer acceptance letter. The aim of writing this letter is as a formal notification that you accept the counter offers. To know more about the acceptance of counter offer, check the following explanation.


Why should I accept a counter offer?

As an employer or a hiring manager, you need to be careful before accepting a counter offer from the applicants. You should make sure that the employees worth receiving a higher compensation package rather than the first job offer. If you do not have time and cost to seek for the new replacement candidates or train the new employees, you can accept the counter offers. However, you have to ensure that your current employees or applicants have excellent skills and are experienced in their fields. You also need to review their performance during work. If they had shown significant progress and contributed a lot to the team, there is nothing wrong to grant their counter offers. Thus, you will not need to spend time publishing a job vacancy to seek for the other new candidates, interviewing, and training them from the beginning that will cost a lot.Therefore, it is a better option to maintain your current employees because you have some great reasons to keep them working at your place now.

How should a counter offer acceptance letter look like?

Writing an acceptance letter of counter offer is a bit tricky. You have to be detailed because this letter contains important information. Besides, you need to review the counter offer from your employees first. As it is a business letter, make sure that you write it formally and appropriately. Use the polite language. Then, state your acceptance in the first paragraph. The following paragraphs should be about the lists of employees’ offerings and your decisions or agreements. In the last paragraph, include the date when the new agreement is effective. You can also state your expectations for the employees. Do not forget to sign your counter offer acceptance letter.

What are the things that the employees want in a job offer?

Actually, there are many things that the employees want to receive in a job offer. They usually propose some important points to improve their prosperities. For example, the employees want to be paid higher than the initial agreement. It is because they think that the proposed salary worth with their skills and performances. Perhaps, they also need more money for their new conditions, such as, getting married, having a baby, paying school tuition, or paying the hospital care. Another thing that is usually asked by the employees is a better health insurance. The health insurance is crucial for them because the cost of health care is expensive enough. Moreover, it sometimes cannot be covered only with their current salary. So, they need to upgrade the health insurance. The next benefits that the employees want to have are flexible work hours and more vacation time. Some of them even request a work-from-home option.

Counter Offer Acceptance Letter

Perhaps you still have no idea how to write a counter offer acceptance letter. Therefore, we provide you with an example, so you can see how the letter looks like.

Dear Mr. William,

As a response to your counter offer letter, I have considered that I agree with some points you proposed in your letter for the position of marketing staff manager in Guardian Tech. In the proposal that you filed on January 17, 2021, you had requested for some points to change in our initial offer, including:

Additional salary per month. The initial offer stated that you received $7,500 per month, but you had requested for an upgrade as you were just had the second children. This request will be granted. Your salary next month will be increased from $7,500 to $9,000.

Additional health insurance. Our initial offer only covered three family members for the health insurance, but you had requested for an additional to cover your second children. This request will also be granted. The four members of your family will be granted for the health insurance.

Additional vacation days. In our initial contract, we offered eleven days of vacation in a year, but you had requested for five more days to be given. This request is also granted. You will receive sixteen days of vacation each year.

A request for work from home. In our initial contract, we did not provide a work from home option, but you had requested for working from home on Saturday to assist your wife after giving birth. This request has been granted. You are going to work at the office on weekdays and work from home on Saturday. This rule will be effective starts from next week.


The other terms in our initial offer are still prevailed. Furthermore, we also have agreed that you are going to start your new position on February 1, 2021. I look forward to seeing your new spirits and dedication to the management team. In addition, I also have high expectations for your performance after this new proposal is updated. I believe that you will show a significant progress.


Warm regards,



Hammington Barkley


That is all about some tips and example of the counter offer acceptance letter. We hope that it gives you inspiration for writing.





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