Knowing Tips and Example of Employer Acceptance Letter

As a college student, you need to do an internship as a requirement for graduation. An internship also can be your first work experience before you graduate from college. You will be exposed to  real work and practice some theories that you have learned in college. To do this, you need to send an application letter to a company. After being interviewed, the company will send you a job offer letter when you are considered to be accepted. If you choose to take the job, you need to write an employer acceptance letter as a formal confirmation that you are willing to work in the company. To know more about writing the acceptance letter, you can read the following tips and example below.


Why should I take a job offer?

Actually, there are some benefits to taking an internship. The initial benefit is that you will learn new things from a real work environment. You are going to understand how a company or an organization works, how the people interact with each other, and what they are doing. By taking an internship, you will participate directly in the job related to your major in the college or your dream job in the future. The next benefit is that internship will lead you to your career path. The company where you take an internship probably likes your performance and offer you the job soon after you graduate from college. The last advantage you can get is that you will receive a part-time salary. Some companies appreciate the interns with few compensations such as meals, snacks, and even salary. Those benefits will motivate you to do the internship better.

What are the characteristics of a good internship place?

Before writing an employer acceptance letter, you need to learn the place where you want to take the internship. What will you receive from the internship programs in that company? Thus, you have to consider some points. The first is to examine whether the internship programs fit with your current major. Then, you also should consider the work hours, location, and the compensations. If the work hours are over and the location is too far from your home, but the company does not offer the compensations, you should not take the internship offer. Besides, you have to investigate whether the company provides the opportunity for interns to develop their skills and gain knowledge. Therefore, you need to know if there will be a direct supervision to help you during the internship programs. A good internship place usually provides a supervisor to guide the interns about what should they do.

How should I write the acceptance letter?

Maybe it is not easy for you to write an acceptance job letter for the first time. In fact, it is not that difficult. You should use formal and polite language. After that, follow the business letter format correctly. At the beginning of the letter, you need to start with a gratitude statement for the job opportunity that the company offers to you. Then, you need to keep the letter concise. Although you want to write the most important information about yourself, you have to be brief. The letter should not be too long because the employer will not have time to read it all. Do not forget to include the date of the program starts and ends. Explain that you already understand your job descriptions during the internship by mentioning some of them. Remember that you still have to be concise in writing this employer acceptance letter. In the last paragraph, you should tell that you include your resume and also your personal contacts. Close with a gratitude statement again, and sign the letter.

Employer Acceptance Letter Example

If you still do not have the idea of how an acceptance job letter looks like, you can read the following sample that we have provided for you. Check this out.

Dear Mr. Bentley,

I am very delighted to take the internship job offer with the position of Junior Content Writer at Digital Creative Company. I can’t thank you enough for the job opportunity you have provided. I am willing to build a great contribution to Digital Creative Company and also to cooperate with everyone in the team.

As we had discussed last week, this internship program will start on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 until March 9, 2021. I realize that I will be supposed to finish 3600 hours of service with the Content Writer team during the internship period. I also understand that my internship agenda will be fluctuated according to the needs of Digital Creative Company.

Furthermore, I know that I am going to write around 3000 words per day, conducting a small research, and following some daily briefing from the Senior Content Writer. These responsibilities can be changed anytime based on the direction from my supervising senior writer, Mrs. Steele. I acknowledge that I have to wear a comfy blouse and skirt during this internship. I ensure that I am going to prioritize my job duties and get a good grade rather than the internship benefits.

I await the opportunity to start my internship at the Digital Creative Company. I sincerely hope that I will give significant contributions to the company with the knowledge that I have got while I was studying at Dream High University. I have enclosed a copy of my resume with this employer acceptance letter so you may share it with Mrs. Steele for her review. Please kindly tell her that I am disposed to join the first briefing on Tuesday, and please do not hesitate to contact me anytime if there is anything I need to do at (777)-5555-333 or email me at Once again, thank you very much.


Warm regards,



Adriana Paloma


That is all a brief explanation about tips and example of an employer acceptance letter. Hopefully, it will help you to compose an acceptance letter in the future.



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