A Formal Example Of Thank You for your Appreciation Letter

When you received a thank you letter from a pastor, government official, your boss, and many more, you probably need to reply to them as a kind gesture. It is always nice to personally say thank you and place the letter on their desk. However, replying to an appreciation letter can be challenging. On this page, you will learn a little bit about how to make a proper one.

What Is The Format Of The Thank You For Your Appreciation Letter?

When you find it difficult to meet the individual personally, a well-written letter should help you. It is still powerful if you write it properly.

The format of this letter is simple, friendly and sometimes it depends on the situation. If you have received a letter from an upper manager in your company, considering a formal writing tone is much better. But if it is from your friend, writing it casually and honestly can warm someone’s’ heart.

How Do You Acknowledge An Appreciation Letter?

In some situations, you probably feel awkward receiving a thank you for your appreciation letter. While responding to the letter, you should implement it on daily action. For example, you have just received a letter and then the person who sent it passing by your room. You can put on a smile if you are crossing the path and say “Thank you for the encouraging letter”.

Formally you can reply to the letter soon when you have time to write. In this contact, you can also say simple expressions yet polite like “you are welcome”, or “It was the least I could do”. And then you can end it up by saying “take care and goodbye”. Of course, you can play with the words which depend on the person you are replying to.

A Formal Example Of A Thank You For Your Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Neil,

Although I haven’t got the privilege to meet you during your busy hours, I am extremely honored to read your appreciation letter this morning upon my way of handling difficult customers.

At that time I had just known Ms. Tania, the main customer service who handled Ms. Regina was not available in the office due to sickness. Ms. Regina had a big problem with her website and complained she needed Ms. Tania to fix it. At that time, I have just finished my work and notice that I ever got the same problem as hers.

In order to keep our client satisfied with our service, I tried to look for what was wrong with Ms. Regina’s site and luckily we could fix it.

I am glad that Ms. Regina finally understands how to managed her site when experiencing such problems. Also, it was my pleasure to help as I was not in emergency duties.

Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I really appreciate it.



Helen Davidson

Content Manager

Acknowledging the appreciation of other people is a good thing. Spend a little time to write a thank you for your appreciation letter as a kind gesture.


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